8 killer explainer video examples to inspire your own

Posted by Naomi Linford on December 8, 2021
Naomi Linford

In need of a little inspiration for your next explainer video? This is the blog for you! We're sharing 8 examples of awesome animated explainers that make even the most complex topics easy to digest. 

Read on to discover them all and check out our tips and downloadable resources for creating your own impressive explainers. 

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1. Protest rights explained in 60 seconds

First up is this awesome and very speedy explainer from Barrister and VideoScriber, Christian Weaver. We all know the law is not only an intimidating topic but includes terminology and ideas that aren't always easy to understand. By breaking it down into 60 second segments suddenly learning about topics like our right to protest isn't so intimidating.

Giving viewers the knowledge they need to make informed decisions, exercise their rights and feel empowered! 💪

You can learn more about how Christian uses VideoScribe in our interview with him here

2. An animated introduction to proteins

Next up, we're talking all things human biology with the Osmosis team who create YouTube animated explainers on all aspects of our bodies. With lots of graphs, diagrams and charts this animation is incredibly visual which ensures we can process the information a whole lot faster. 

Plus, the constantly changing scenes keeps our eyes engaged and therefore holds our attention too! 

3. Tricky questions answered with animation

From one tricky topic to another - educator and VideoScriber, Virgil Ricks uses animation to tackle those challenging questions curious young minds throw out! 

We love the way Virgil breaks the topic down and makes it feel like he's talking directly to each individual student. Walking them through the factors that influence calculating weight on the moon. 

4. Explaining tenses with ease

Sticking with educational explainers, we move to the awesome Steve Raywood, English teacher and VideoScriber. We especially love the way Steve incorporates humor, drama and sound effects into his animations - it really keeps viewers engaged and most importantly, having fun while learning!

So consider how you could add some light-heartedness to your explainer if it suits your topic - it's an awesome way to break down barriers. 

5. Things highly productive people do every Sunday

Our next example comes from YouTuber and VideoScriber, Adam Holownia, who has rapidly grown his channel following in record time! And it's not surprising with content like this 👆 Adam is awesome at summarizing articles, research and books to help his audience get to grips with new ideas quickly and easily. 

Learn more about how Adam grew his channel, The Art of Improvement, in our interview with him here.

6. Making the complex easy to digest

Like us you're probably thinking there are few things more complicated than scientific journals... But understanding scientific research isn't always about reading lengthy papers. In this case University of Bristol lecturer, David Naafs turned his latest paper for Nature Geoscience into a quick animation that can be understood by anyone.

7. Animated book summary 

Another example of summarizing longer text comes from VideoScribe Awards 2020 winner, Carole Alalouf. Carole uses animation to distill powerful books down into their key components. Making the information much more accessible for all.

Plus, it doesn't hurt that they're visually stunning too! 😍

Learn more about how Carole uses animation to boost her business in our interview with her here.  

8. Recycling made easy

Our final example comes from Plainsur, pool maintenance retailer who used animation to show us how to turn their packaging into a plant pot. We love this creative way to recycle left over packaging and the visual instructions make it super easy to follow the steps even if your first language isn't Spanish!

That's a wrap - those are 8 killer examples of explainer videos covering everything from the English language through to the complexities of the environment. Which was your favorite? 

How to create your own explainer videos

Now it's time to create your own. But where do you start? With a plan! Check out our free downloadable tools for creating your impressive explainer videos in 4 steps: 

Step 1: Get planning

Define your objectives, key messages and audience using our explainer video planning template

Step 2: Storyboarding

Bring your vision to life with a quick storyboard. This gives you the opportunity to spot potential problems, gaps or missed content before you start animating. Use our ready-made template to quickly and easily create your storyboard

Step 3: Animating 

Put your plan and storyboard into practice by starting your VideoScribe video. Discover our top animation tips and techniques to level up your video here

Step 4: Sharing

Now it's time to get your video out to your audience! Follow our best advice for sharing videos on social media, websites, emails and more. 

It's as easy as that! To start creating your explainer video today log into VideoScribe or start a free 7-day trial (no credit card details needed) 👇


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