6 New editable video templates for back to school

Posted by Naomi Linford on November 8, 2021
Naomi Linford

Back to school season is here! We're all fighting the urge to buy more new stationery and preparing to welcome students back after an especially long break. 

There's a whole year of learning ahead and making sure students feel comfortable in their environment, are focused, and absorb information quickly has never been more important. To help you get there, we've created 6 brand new video templates designed to capture your students' attention and help them understand even the most complex topics. 

Plus, they're super easy to use! We've done all the hard work for you, just edit the text and images to make them your own then click publish. Just like that you'll create impressive video resources in minutes 💥

Read on to see our new templates in action and get ideas for how to use them, or follow the links below to start using them 👇

These templates are ready and waiting for you in VideoScribe. If you already have a VideoScribe subscription, just login and click ‘Template Scribes’ on the left-hand side to access these templates and more. Or if you’re new to VideoScribe, start a free 7-day trial to use them. You can find extra help on using our templates here.

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Teacher Introduction

First things first, if you'll be teaching a new class this year, a video is a great way to introduce yourself and help students get to know you faster. Not only will they learn more about you and why you love teaching but they'll understand your expectations and how to succeed in your class.

Simply switch out the images and text for your own and you're ready to share. To take this template one step further you could also record a voice-over, making it suitable to share in class or with remote learners.

Back to School Video Activity Sheet

This template has been specifically designed to support students coming back to school after the COVID-19 crisis. After learning from home for so long, naturally younger students might be a little nervous about going back. This template allows students to share how they're feeling so teachers can offer more tailored support.

It's engaging and fun while still easy for younger students to edit themselves as a class activity. 

60-Second Topic Introduction

If you're introducing a brand new concept, idea or topic and you want to set the scene, our 60-second introduction video is perfect. It's designed to capture student's attention and convey the key pieces of information they need to know, all in under a minute.

This template can be edited to suit any topic using our library of images or uploading your own. Plus, if you want to extend this out into a longer video you can, just copy and paste a previous scene and update the stopwatch. 

Class Objectives

If you're looking for a fun and engaging way to present the objectives for each of your classes, our video template can help. It's packed with moving elements to keep your students' attention and help them follow along.

Treat it as a backdrop to explain exactly what students will learn in each lesson and how they'll feel/what they'll achieve by the end.

Lesson Summary

Video is a great way to solidify learning, either played at the end of the class, or as a homework activity. Our video template makes it easy to quickly share the key takeaways from your classes building a bank of resources that will be super helpful for revision at the end of the year.

Assignment Instructions

If you're setting a new assignment for your students and you know you're going to get lots of questions, answering them in a video is a great option. You can clearly explain what's expected of students, walk them through the steps to complete the assignment and highlight any tips you have. 

This is especially helpful for remote learners who might receive assignments via email. Don't forget, it's easy to add a voice-over too to support auditory learners. 

You can find all of these templates and more in the VideoScribe library. Simply log in or start a free trial to use them today.


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