4 Ways you can create video ads to boost your revenue

Posted by Ashden Walker on November 24, 2021
Ashden Walker

Advertising is an important promotional approach for businesses to generate new customer and sales opportunities. There are multiple ways businesses can advertise to get their message heard - from highway billboards, to pushing targeted blog content on Facebook. One method growing in popularity is video. Unlike image or text ads, video ads can incorporate sound, voice, movement, words, people and graphics - all within a typical 15, 30 and 60 second ad space. In this blog post, we’ll be talking through video advertising techniques and showcasing 4 ways you can create video ads to boost your revenue.

Technique 1: define your hook

We’re all competing for the attention of our audiences. But, trying to attract them with a soppy, long-winded message just won’t work. Before you start creating your video ad, you need to have a clearly defined hook.

  • What is it about your business that makes you different?
  • How does your product grab attention?
  • What makes your target audience click?

These types of questions should be considered to define your hook and form the basis of your video ad. Take a look at this super short video ad by dryer sheet company, Bounce.

In just 5 seconds, they cleverly tell you what they’re selling, how their product works and a worst case scenario for those who don’t use their dryer sheets in their laundry.

Technique 2: lead with an attention-grabbing statement

Which leads on nicely to our second point - technique 2: make sure the attention grabbing statement is within the first 5 seconds of the video.

We’ve all done it. We’ve all clicked the skip button when trying to watch the YouTube tutorial on how to poach the perfect egg. When advertising on YouTube, those first seconds are critical. As advertisers, we can’t afford for our hook to go unnoticed - that’s just wasted marketing budget. And once we have captured their attention, we can’t let them go. The recent video ad that Fiverr released perfectly highlights the problem and solution within the first 6 seconds and if you’re hooked, you can stay on to find out more: 


Technique 3: invest in YouTube advertising

If you think you can nail your message within those 6 seconds, then a) power to you, and b) here’s technique 3: buy 6 second bumper video ad placements with YouTube on a Cost Per Mille (CPM) basis. 

YouTube now offers a bumper ad placement that plays before a video, and you buy this ad slot on a CPM basis (meaning you pay per every thousand impressions i.e. loads or views). Advertisers and businesses use this ad placement when they want to showcase a short, memorable message to their target audiences. It’s a challenge to get your entire message across in just 6 seconds but it doesn’t mean it’s not possible. In fact, when done correctly Google have found that ‘70% drove a significant lift in brand awareness, with an average lift of 9%. Additionally, 9 out of 10 drove ad recall globally, with an average lift of over 30%’*. Check out Gumtree’s recent bumper ad that absolutely nails the delivery of their “ease of use” and a happy outcome for the seller.

Technique 4: end on a high

And finally, our 4th and final technique for you to create video ads to boost your revenue is… make sure it has a strong ending.

When you’re at the cinema, you never walk out before it ends (unless it’s the Titanic Re-release - we’re right there with you). You want your target audience to be engaged with your brand and ready to take action. Queue your call-to-action. Start by creating a wishlist of interesting ways you can present the action you want your viewers to take, then develop one to fit in with the rest of your ad. Our last example? The Dollar Shave Club. They have cleverly created an amusing 1:30 ad with a clear, defined call-to-action… to ‘shave time and money’ with their razor subscription:

Regardless of your advertising platform, you need to create video ads that are geared to attract your target audiences. You want every single second to inspire, delight and amaze your viewers (and get them wanting to find out more to grow your customer base and revenue). Here at VideoScribe, we’re all about getting stories heard; whether that’s yours or your clients.

You can use our product to turn your hook into whiteboard animation video ads that attract audiences, clearly (and quickly) display your message and deliver a strong call-to-action. Sign up to a free 7 day trial of VideoScribe and see for yourself: https://www.videoscribe.co/en/free-trial

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