10 educational uses for Videoscribe you haven’t thought of

Posted by Clemmy Ralph on June 9, 2022
Clemmy Ralph

Animated video is a surefire way to engage your students. With our awesome library of templates and illustrations tailored specifically for education, you can create fun and creative videos in minutes for your classroom, parents, colleagues and beyond. 

In this blog, we’ll be taking you through the top 10 ways you can use Videoscribe to level up your lessons. Read on below to get inspired!


Using animated video for your classroom is a great way to level up your lessons and engage your students. Watch our quick summary video below to get an overview of our top 10 ways to use animated video in your lessons.


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Lesson planning 

Sometimes, planning lessons for your students can be a lengthy and time-consuming process. Creating a lesson plan with an animated video is a great way to level up your brainstorming and ignite your creative juices! 

You can also show a brief animated summary of the upcoming lesson to your students so they know what to expect and how the class is going to run. 


Student presentations 

Presentations can be daunting for students, we’ve all been there! Why not ask your students to create their presentation as an animated video. Not only will it help to make presentations more fun and interactive, it’ll also help ease the pressure of public speaking and settle the nerves of your students.


Classroom rules

No classroom is complete without a set of basic rules! Animated video is a great way to showcase your classroom rules in a fun and friendly way at the start of your lesson. We’ve already created an awesome template for you to use, simply customize the template to make it relevant to your classroom and you’re good to go! Check it out below.


Recap your lesson

Video is another great way to recap and summarize the learnings of the lesson. You can also send the video to your students via email after the lesson so they have an easy way to remind themselves of the learning outcomes.

You could also test your students at the end of the lesson to see what they’ve learned and whether they’ve been paying attention!

We’ve created a great template that could be used to quickly summarize your learning outcomes. This template is called Whiteboard Explainer - Collage. See an example of using this template below.


Classroom games

Learning games are a fun way for your students to absorb new information quicker and increase engagement in the classroom. You could create basic or more complex animated games using VideoScribe, the choice is really up to you! Classroom games can be super simple, for example finding the missing word in a sentence, finding the missing number in an equation or a virtual trivia quiz. Creating animated classroom games is quick and easy to do with VideoScribe.


Illustrate new topics for students 

Absorbing new information in the classroom can be difficult for some students, but using animated videos in your lessons can help students take in more information and get excited about new topics. Video is a fun way to break up a long lesson and stops your students from switching off. Learn how to create your own animated graphs and charts in this quick video.


Introducing yourself 

When starting a new term, it can be daunting to meet your new class of students. Impress them with a simple animated video introducing yourself. You could show off any unique hobbies, show photos of your pets or share a few interesting facts about yourself. This is a great way to connect emotionally with your new students on their first day. 

Luckily for you, we’ve created an awesome video template specifically for introducing yourself! Check it out below.



It's the start of term and  you’ve got a new class of students, which means you probably want to break the ice during their first lesson. Icebreakers are a great way to get students positively interacting with each other and animated video is an easy way for you to achieve this! You could create an animated quiz, fun interactive games or use animation to outline an activity to get your students working together in groups. 


Tutorials and how-to videos 

When you’re introducing a new topic or task during your lesson, it can be difficult to be sure that all your students understand what they need to do. But, an animated video is an easy way to show your students how to do the required activity in a format they will all understand. You can upload your own images into VideoScribe and add fun animated elements and text to bring your tutorials to life!


Communicating with parents and colleagues 

Sending important news and updates to parents and colleagues doesn't have to be boring!  With animated videos, you can ensure your important information is digested and understood by everyone. With our range of diverse, professional and easy to use templates, you can create engaging animated videos in minutes.


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