Our favorite VideoScribe videos of 2019

Posted by Naomi Linford on November 24, 2021
Naomi Linford

The best part about developing a tool like VideoScribe is seeing the creative ways our incredible customers use it. You're constantly innovating and using our images, templates and animation tools in new ways. 

So for the last blog of 2019 we want to celebrate you, our awesome community. That's why we've picked a selection of our favorite VideoScribe videos created in 2019 to say thank you for another great year.

And don't think that this was an easy decision, if we could feature hundreds of videos we would but this is just a selection of our top picks. Credit to the creators of the following videos, we love your work and we're excited to see what you'll create in 2020! 👏 

Project Caritas - Not just another bike

As soon as we saw this video we knew it had to feature in our top list. Not only is Project Caritas a YouTube channel whose founder, Stefan Dimov promotes ethical and environmentally friendly products, but he uses VideoScribe to tell the story of how these brands came to be. 

In this case combining video footage of the founder of recycled bicycle brand, Velosophy with VideoScribe videos that explain exactly how Nespresso pods are turned into bikes. This video perfectly illustrates how different types of animation and film can be used together to tell creative stories. 

If like us you're a fan of this style, we recommend heading to the Project Caritas channel for more inspiration!

University of York - 60 second library introduction

Regardless of whether it's a library, a hospital or a gym, have you ever considered how daunting some buildings can be? Knowing there's a strong chance you'll get lost and just wanting to find a specific service. 

This short and sweet library introduction is a fresh take on traditional building maps and it's ticking all our boxes. The team at York University Library layered their own images of university buildings with additional graphics from the VideoScribe library, walking students through where they can access different services. Learn how to import your own images into your next videos here.

If you currently rely on static images to help people find their way, why not update them to videos in 2020?

BBC News - What cars and underwear say about India's slowdown

For us, this video proves just how effective whiteboard animations are at making complex topics easy to understand. Unless you're well versed in economics, digesting lots of information about changes to the economy can be tough. 

However, this VideoScribe animation created by Aakriti Thapar for BBC News helps us understand exactly what's happening and how it affects local people ...and in a fraction of the time it would take to read an article!

Have you considered how you could turn complicated information into bite-sized videos?

Fight Mediocrity - How to reprogram your mind

For a dose of inspiration and motivation, we can't get enough of Fight Mediocrity's videos. They summarize the key lessons from personal development books. Using video to help viewers get more value from the content in a faster more accessible way. 

We also love that Fight Mediocrity have imported their own hand to add an extra touch of personalization to the video. Adding your own hands to the VideoScribe library is a simple but effective tip - find out how here. 

Amanda Brace - Semester summary

Often the best way to solidify learning and reflect on an experience is to explain it to others and video is the perfect medium to do so. This semester summary from teacher, Amanda, shows how you can do it in style. 

Amanda connects with the audience on an emotional level, describing her trepidation about publishing her first blog and how rewarding sharing her experiences has been. Turning your reflections into a story or journey like this also keeps your audience engaged as we want to know what happens next. 

Learn how to turn your videos into captivating stories using our storytelling tips and advice

Dorian Wilson - Awaghandha benefits

We had to include this final video because it's fascinating! Besides the crazy interesting content, it shows how creative you can be with animation techniques. The details health and fitness YouTuber, Dorian, has created brings the topic of medicine to life and hooks us in.  

If you want to up your animation game, use our guide to incorporate morph and stop motion techniques into your videos. Or try using VideoScribe together with other pieces of software to create new effects. 

If you've been inspired by these awesome videos, start a free seven day trial of VideoScribe to get creating your own!

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