Pick your perfect tune with our new look music library & more new images!

Posted by Naomi Linford on May 4, 2020
Naomi Linford

Since our last VideoScribe update we’ve been working hard on developments to ensure creating professional-looking videos is easier than ever. We’ve also added lots of highly requested images and we’re excited to share them all with you in today’s blog!

Download the latest version (3.5) here or sign up for a free 7 day trial.

New look VideoScribe music library

We’ve redesigned the layout of the VideoScribe music library to give you more information about each track. Plus extra filters to make finding the right sound for your video a breeze. These filters include:

  • Sorting by genre of music, covering everything from rock and electric to folk and classical.
  • A new ‘loop friendly’ icon so you can see if a track starts and ends in a way that blends together well.
  • The color dots used to represent the tempo of the track have been replaced with ‘Slow’, ‘Medium’ & ‘Fast’ labels which can still be used to sort the tracks.

New images of characters in groups to suit all occasions

To complement our individual images of people, we've added 116 new images of people together in group settings. These include characters like teachers with students, people in business meetings and friends and family. 

Try using these images for:

  • Teaching students about the world, work and relationships.
  • Training colleagues or teams about health and safety or best practice for certain situations like serving customers. 
Storytelling with background scenes like we have in the video below.


Communicate even the most complex ideas with new concepts and metaphors images

We’ve added a whole new folder of striking images called ‘Concepts and Metaphors’, designed to help you communicate trickier ideas. There are 101 new graphics in this folder and you can change the colors of all of them to suit your video, brand or message!

These images are perfect for:

  • Visualizing the problem your business or product solves in an explainer video.
  • Teaching intangible concepts like why taking a steady approach to projects is likely to be more successful, just as in the tale of the tortoise and the hare.
  • Reinforcing your message in presentations and speeches.

Support your team with new Rugby World Cup images

To celebrate the start of the Rugby World Cup in Japan we added 28 brand new images of rugby players, pitches and flags to help you show your support!

Powerfully persuasive new marketing and website images

We often get asked about the bespoke images we use on our website and in marketing videos, so to make sure you can benefit from these eye-catching graphics too, we’ve started adding them to the VideoScribe library. The first update includes 88 new images covering a range of topics and there are more to come.

You might recognize a few of these graphics already, they’re great for:

  • Using as clickable icons on your website
  • Improving email conversion rates by using them in GIFs
  • Creating a buzz by making videos for social media about your upcoming offers

To get started using the latest version of VideoScribe, download the v3.5 here or sign up for a free 7 day trial.

For help downloading and installing VideoScribe, please see our support page here.

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