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Posted by Jon Davies on November 23, 2021
Jon Davies

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We’ve all used templates to get started quickly on a task. From things like cookie cutters and dressmaking patterns to personalized birthday cards, business cards and C.V. layouts - templates are a great way to get inspired and start making something your own.

When we looked at ways we could make VideoScribe even easier to use, providing pre-made templates for our users to jump into and edit seemed like a logical solution. If you’re new to VideoScribe, our templates are a great way for you to discover how a scribe is made and to be able to edit it with just a few clicks to suit your own needs. Even if you’re one of our more experienced VideoScribe users, the template files showcase how features you may not have discovered yet can work in combination with each other.

Welcome to our video templates starter set

We’ve created a starter set of six templates ranging from ‘easy’ to more ‘advanced’. If you’re new to VideoScribe, why not try one of our easy templates first? Our more advanced templates provide more scope for editing - and our tutorials should get you up to speed with VideoScribe’s features in no time.

VideoScribe video templates library

You’ll see that you can edit all of the elements in the templates. Our ‘About Us’ template is perhaps the most versatile. You can edit the words to describe the details of your business or group. We’ve included some generic images to fit a range of messages and styles. We hope you enjoy editing text, images, colours and audio to make a truly compelling video!

What are you waiting for? Get started with the latest version of VideoScribe to try the templates for yourself today.

Ideas for moving forward

We hope you like our templates. We love to hear from our thousands of users. Please please let us know your feedback and ideas for future templates. Watch this space!

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