How videos can supercharge your blogging efforts

Posted by Oli Graham on November 8, 2021

This is a guest blog post from RightlyWritten's Marketing Manager, Oli Graham.

These days it seems that everyone with a business has a blog. This saturation means that it’s increasingly difficult to create blog posts that get clicks and increase your business’s bottom line.

In order for blogging to be a worthwhile endeavour for your business, you need to create posts that are significantly better than your competitors. 

At our copywriting agency, we see time and again that multimedia blog posts with videos that illustrate and contextualise the article are the most effective at attracting views and driving sales.

Here are four reasons why videos make business blogging so much more powerful.

Explainer videos can make 'how-to' articles even more helpful

One of the most popular blog formats is the 'how-to' post, where you showcase your expertise by teaching people how to solve a common problem related to your industry.

The idea behind a 'how-to' post is that a reader can follow your article along and have all the information needed to perform a task. Once a reader sees how much value you can provide for free, their next thoughts are: “What can these people do if I’m actually paying for their time?”.

The value of the post is therefore its practicality to the reader- how far can a reader actually follow along with the instructions in the post?

We’ve all experienced how video content can help illustrate these types of articles. Whether it’s filming something in action, such as fixing a bike puncture, or a screen share of someone doing an 'excel hack', explainer videos are often the easiest way to digest a step-by-step guide.

Videos embedded into a written guide can cater to all types of learners (visual, auditory, verbal and social) thereby increasing the overall effectiveness and popularity of your posts. Follow these simple steps to create your own explainer video 👇

Multimedia posts help you rank in Google And YouTube searches

The two most used search engines in the world are Google and YouTube. For certain types of searches, particularly the aforementioned 'how-to' type search, people often consult YouTube before Google.

If your video is uploaded to YouTube and then embedded into a blog post on your website, this video can rank independently for searches on YouTube. This just offers another traffic source to your website, particularly as you can link back to your website in your YouTube description.

YouTube is a less saturated platform than Google, so if you want to create content on really popular topics, YouTube might be your best bet for getting visitors to your site. Always remember that the quality and usefulness of your content is the most important factor when trying to rank for both search engines.

Video content attracts more engagement on social media

If you plan to promote your blog posts on your social platforms, you can edit any supporting videos and repurpose them as preview or 'teaser' videos to add to your social posts.

This can drastically improve the amount of traffic driven to your blog posts through social media for two reasons. Firstly, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn all give preference to social posts with video

Ultimately the platforms themselves decide how many people get to see any post you create, and putting video in your posts will, all other things being equal, give you more visibility.

Secondly, high-quality video has been regularly shown to increase clicks and conversions on social platforms. 

You can convey meaning and value far quicker in a video than you can from text alone, so for someone scrolling through their social media feed, video will draw their attention more than written posts, photos or GIFs ever will.

Video makes your content more memorable

A new blog post is published every 0.5 seconds, with the vast majority of these being business blogs.

As important as it is to attract readers to blogs, their ultimate goal is to turn new readers into customers. Blog posts that are just text and images can only go so far when it comes to cultivating brand recognition and loyalty.

Studies show that 95% of a video’s message is retained, while readers can only recall 5% of what they have read. Therefore blog posts embedded with video content will go so much further when it comes to achieving the brand awareness elements of your blogging goals.

If you want to utilize the power of video in your blogging efforts, start a free trial of VideoScribe today to create your own blog videos 👇


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