How to create your own reusable teaching video templates

Posted by Ashden Walker on November 24, 2021
Ashden Walker

If you ask anyone on the VideoScribe team what their top tip for video creation is, we promise you the majority will answer “video templates”. Why? Because they’re fantastic for saving time, sharing creativity and increasing productivity. Many people think that video creation is a time-consuming process but we promise you, video templates remove the time pressures and make getting your message out to your students quicker than ever.

The 3 key layouts for educational video templates

We think there are three key layouts for educational video templates: mind map, collage and process. In this blog post, we’ll talk through these three key layouts and how you can create your own teaching video templates, tailoring them to suit your subjects and meet your students' needs.

To see these three video layouts in action, watch our quick explainer video. 


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The mind map layout

So let’s start with the layout we saw first: the mind map layout. In the classroom, mind mapping is a fantastic technique to visually and graphically represent ideas and concepts. Mind maps help present thoughts and ideas, and when put into a video format, it’s a fantastic layout to showcase a central concept. Mind mapping in video works in the same way our brain does. That is, it allows us to organize and understand information faster and more effectively. 

The mind map layout can be used as we have in our video example for a biology class - showing the human anatomy. But you could spin this template into many other variations. Check out what we’ve done below. Just by changing the central theme, we’re able to repurpose the template to create 3 new pieces of video learning content.

teaching videos mind map layout educational examples

The collage layout

The second layout that we saw in the video example was collage. In the example video, we saw the collage layout used to illustrate key landmarks around the United States of America. A collage is a great layout when you have the useful information laid out as one holistic image. In the VideoScribe template library, we have two collage specific templates, already loaded and ready to go! 

teaching videos collage layout educational examples

You can repurpose our existing templates to reflect your teachings for specific subjects. In this example below, we’ve taken our ‘Whiteboard - Simple Collage’ template for art and repurposed the template to be specific to maths.

teaching videos collage layout educational examples 2

The process layout

The third and final template is the process layout. This is the most simplistic layout of the three (but sometimes simple is best)! The process layout has a clear start and a definitive end. In video form, a process layout flows from start to finish and if needed, easily allows you to travel back and forth between key points. 

The example of a process layout in our video showcased the growth of a plant; from seedling to a sprouting plant. Other examples where a process layout works wonderfully is when discussing new processes i.e. the steps required when returning to the classroom after lockdown. Below, we’ve used a process layout to highlight the 5 stages of design thinking!

Repurposing and sharing video templates to save time

Having a suite of video templates in your tool belt will save you so much time in the long run. Plus with VideoScribe, you can share your templates with any other users who also have a VideoScribe account. Your repurposed templates could be shared with multiple faculty members, encouraging collaboration, creativity and knowledge sharing.

The educational VideoScribe discount

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