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Posted by Amiee PreFontaine on April 8, 2024
Amiee PreFontaine

Are you struggling to keep your students' attention throughout lessons? Need help structuring your lessons? Or just want to reinvent your lesson plans? We have the solutions! Presenting our guide to incorporating animated videos into your teaching. From beginning to end we have templates galore to help you captivate your students, improve engagement, and boost memory retention.

Structuring your lessons can be tedious. Say goodbye to wandering eyes and short attention spans with VideoScribe’s education template library. Customize your templates based on subject and content and make distraction impossible! Want to learn how our many custom templates can enhance all aspects of your teaching? Keep reading! 👇

Lesson Overview 

Our lesson overview template is the perfect way to kick off a teaching session. Introduce topics, summarize objectives, and define assessments in less than a minute. The lesson overview template provides a round-up of the lesson from the get-go, ensuring your students have a thorough understanding of the material as a whole before getting into the finer details. 


Presentation Template

Brighten your ordinary PowerPoint presentations with engaging animations in our Slideshow Presentation Template. Animation has been proven to increase student interest and build enthusiasm for the subject. In addition, animation provides an alternative way of learning that is fresh and new. Utilizing animation within your presentation is not only fun and interesting to look at but it will also increase student retention and inspire further thinking. 


Whiteboard Explainer

Break down and explain complex subjects with one of our explainer templates. Our Whiteboard explainer templates feature several different approaches including our Problem-Solving Guide, Writing Process Whiteboard, 7-Point Narrative, and Explainer Collages. Whether you are explaining new topics or recapping previous learnings, our whiteboard explainers are perfect for engaging students. Incorporate your own images or use imagery from our image library and present your explanations alongside a series of captivating visual stimuli. Visualizing ideas with a whiteboard explainer encourages students to think differently, enhances creative thinking and allows students to examine the big picture while considering the subject specifics. 

Mind Map

Explore ideas and brainstorm topics with a mind map. The use of animation in teaching significantly contributes to the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Mind mapping is a critical tool in establishing and recognizing connections between ideas, and the understanding and retention of key ideas can be strengthened with an animated mind map. Our mind-mapping template is a great opportunity to collaborate with students and encourage the formation of ideas in a flexible and interactive manner.  

Learning Objectives 

Break down topics into more manageable chunks and summarize key learning points with our Learning Objectives template. Ensure that you effectively communicate the key ideas of a lesson and make sure all your students have a clear understanding of core ideas, leaving you with the confidence that no one has been left behind. 

Lesson Reflection 

Reflect upon student performance and understanding with our new Lesson Reflection template. Explore ‘what went well’ and set improvement goals for students' next lesson by discussing ‘even better if’. Foster self-reflection and celebrate success to build student confidence but also motivate improvement. 

By regularly incorporating animated video into your teaching you can transform your students' learning experience and enhance engagement, retention, and participation for several learning styles. Need more convincing of the benefits of visual learning? Check out our Ultimate guide to creating educational animated videos.

Still not convinced that VideoScribe has everything you need to enhance your education content? Read our blog 10 educational uses for Videoscribe you haven’t thought of for even more inspiration! 

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