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Posted by Ashden Walker on June 26, 2024
Ashden Walker

A new day has dawned... say hello to the latest version of VideoScribe, accessible straight from your browser of choice. No downloads, no installs, just click and animate!

Creating impressive animated videos has literally never been easier. With VideoScribe Browser you can create your next video in under five minutes. It's as simple as logging in, customizing one of our quick start, customizable templates and downloading your creation as an HD MP4 or looping GIF 🤩

Not only does this give you the flexibility to animate from anywhere, but VideoScribe Browser is also packed with heaps of new features and functionality to make dazzling videos with ease. Let's take a look...

P.S. The much-loved desktop downloadable version of VideoScribe is still available. With a VideoScribe free trial or paid subscription you will get access to both for no extra cost. We call that a win-win! 👇

VideoScribe Browser: killer animation tools 

Our new online version of VideoScribe comes packed with new tools and features to help you make more creative videos for more platforms, more easily. In the wise words of Britney Spears... 🎶 Gimme, gimme MORE 🎶. So, what does this look like? More canvas sizes, scenes and camera controls to zoom and pan, millions of new animated illustrations, new ways to publish your content, and so much more!  Let's dive into it:

Canvas sizes for every occasion 

From social media Stories and Reels to Instagram posts and traditional horizontal videos - VideoScribe Browser's range of canvas sizes means you can create animated content for all of your channels. Helping you engage and connect with your audiences and harness the full potential of your networks.

Just click to create a square, vertical or traditional horizontal video 📹 

Animate across scenes

Another new feature is creating videos with scenes. By working through different frames you can create a much more polished and organized video that directly matches your plans and storyboards.

Plus, with the option to drag and drop scenes to reorder them, duplicate, animate entrance and exist  transitions between scenes, delete and add more there's complete flexibility in how you animate!

Publish as an MP4 or GIF

We've also added new ways to download and share your videos. With the option to download your animation directly as an MP4 you can quickly share your creation on YouTube, across social media and in presentations. 

Or for videos to be used in emails, on platforms like Twitter and with friends and family, download your video as a GIF. No extra tools needed, create your irresistibly watchable GIF straight in VideoScribe for your browser. 

Supercharged creativity

We've also added new tools to help you make more visually impressive videos such as the option to add shapes and gradients to your canvas. These are super effective for creating unique effects and custom creations.

We're constantly updating VideoScribe Browser with flashy new features to enhance your creativity and bring your story to life. 

How can you get started with VideoScribe Browser?

Ready to try VideoScribe Browser yourself? Start a free 7-day trial now (no credit card details needed) or click the log in button from our homepage if you're already a VideoScribe subscriber. 

We want to know what you think of VideoScribe for your browser ✨

Once you've tried out VideoScribe for your browser, we'd love your feedback. Your voice helps us make the best possible version of VideoScribe for our users. We've put together this survey - just select that answers that resonate with you to let us know.

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