Goodbye chalk, hello video: 4 reasons why video drives student engagement

Posted by Ashden Walker on June 10, 2020
Ashden Walker

Historically, teachers were almost 100% reliant on chalkboards to get their lessons and teachings across. For the most part, teachers faced the challenge of displaying complex content quickly with only chalk in their toolbox.

Nowadays, it’s important to recognize that students have embraced technology and it’s this technology that helps students learn faster and absorb complex topics. This may not seem like a normal choice but the reality is, active learning classrooms won’t be going anywhere. In this blog post, we explore four reasons why you should embrace video technology and modern techniques to encourage in-depth learning amongst your students.

To kick things off, here’s an example of how the Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences of Utrecht University used VideoScribe to explain the complexities of Dose Response Relationships in a easy to digest video lecture.

So, why should you use video to educate your students?

1. Video increases knowledge retention

Ensuring your students are alert in the classroom is one thing, but making sure they retain what they’ve learnt is another. Video stimulates multiple senses which encourages active participation - there's motion, sound, and color. In fact, our recent blog post on the science behind why whiteboard animations supercharge learning and memory uncovered that whiteboard animations boost knowledge retention by 15% over talking head videos.

2. Video is a visually appealing way to showcase complex graphs, statistics, and equations

Do you remember your teacher writing an algebra equation on the chalkboard with you racing to write it down, only to realize it never actually made sense? Using video to display complex graphs and equations makes it easier to digest the information. Students can connect with the learning outcomes on a deeper level and also gives them more time to ask questions, rather than focusing on writing it down!

3. Video will free up more of your time

Once you have one video on the topic, you can reuse it for every class on that subject moving forward. Save your time and energy on chalkboard writing by hand and instead play your students a video.

To make creating videos for your lessons even quicker, why not use one of our video templates? They're ready made videos covering a variety of topics and the best part is, all you have to do is tweak the text to suit your subject. Click here to learn more about our templates like this history timeline template below. 

4. Use visual metaphors to communicate intangible and complex ideas easily

Using a metaphor in speech often comes naturally but for some, trying to represent this metaphor visually can present some challenges. By using video, you can illustrate the message and overlay text, or use your voice, to help the message stick. VideoScribe has a library of educational metaphor images available to use in your next video. Why is this important? Recent studies have shown that using technology this way increases students' focus and attention. Plus, they’re more likely to retain the meaningful learning experience.

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