Chinese Singles Day: what it is and how to get involved

Posted by Ashden Walker on November 11, 2022
Ashden Walker

Chinese Singles Day, or Singles Day, is the world’s largest online shopping day, taking place on November 11th of each year. You might be more familiar with Black Friday or Cyber Monday, two huge shopping days frequently referenced in pop-culture but as it turns out, Singles Day beats both rivals.

So, what exactly is Singles Day?

Originating in China, Singles Day started off as an unofficial holiday where unmarried individuals celebrated their single status by spending their hard earned money buying gifts and presents for themselves online. The actual date for Singles Day is symbolic in itself - 11.11 being a representation of four ones, or four singles, standing together.

This day, created by four students in their dorm as the anti-Valentine’s Day, now generates over $31 billion in online sales for Europe and China. There's a huge sales opportunity for retailers and in this blog, we explore three ways you can capitalise on the 24 hour shopping phenomenon.

1. Tease your Singles Day sales and discounts

When it comes to sales, the biggest factor for success is arguably communicating your discounts effectively. If your target customers don't know who you are, why they need your product or service, and that now is the time to buy then you won't make the most of Chinese Singles Day.

An explainer video is a great tool to raise awareness of your company and share how you solve the customer's problem. Explainer videos are usually 30 seconds to a minute long which make them the perfect length to share on your social media channels in organic posts and in paid adverts.

Explainer videos can also be used on your website and landing pages. They encourage people to stay on your site for up to 88% longer and can use metaphors and imagery to convey your message more effectively than text. Research has proven that videos on websites also improve conversion rates by up to 20%!

But let's not forget about your existing customers and database! Chinese Singles Day is a great opportunity to show them some love with targeted emails, blogs and exclusive discounts. Again, video can help to bring your customer communications to life. Try turning VideoScribe animations into GIFs to capture attention and reveal some aspects of the sale in teasers i.e. you can expect 80% off all shoes. 

2. Remind consumers why people love your product or service

Would you buy a product or service without reading other customer reviews first? We bet like us, authentic customer reviews are a really important guide to help you make a decision on whether the company is right for you. 

While plain text reviews are great, turning them into videos can give them an extra boost and build further trust in your brand. Remind consumers of the features, advantages and benefits of your product or services by showcasing positive reviews. Use this as the hook to bring people in, then show your upcoming 24 hour-only Singles Day discounts. You can see our example below.

3. Include Singles Day into your 2020 marketing plan

Businesses around the world are already recognising the sales opportunities by including Singles Day into their end of year promotions. With less than one week remaining before Singles Day goes live, your strategy may not be as developed as you would’ve hoped. By including Singles Day into you 2020 planning, your business has the best chance of growing revenue!

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