5 Awesome educational explainer videos to inspire your own

Posted by Naomi Linford on November 9, 2021
Naomi Linford

If you’re looking to teach your class a new concept or train colleagues on a new process, an explainer video will be your best friend. Explainer videos combine imagery, movement and audio to ensure your message is not only easy to understand but that it sticks! 

Don’t just take our word for it though! Here are a fraction of studies that prove how effective educational videos are:

To get your creative juices flowing and inspire your first or one hundredth educational explainer, we’re showcasing five brilliant examples in today’s blog. 

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1. The Art of Improvement - Six Thinking Hats explainer

To kick things off, this video created by Adam Holownia for his YouTube channel 'The Art of Improvement' is a brilliant example of how text based content can be transformed with animation.

Adam focuses on sharing educational content about personal development and productivity, cherry picking the best articles on both from renowned authors and animating the information. By visualizing the advice, it's a lot easier to take in and makes academic content accessible for a wider audience. 

Have you considered how you could turn written information into an accompanying explainer?

If you'd like to learn more about how Adam grew his educational YouTube channel to 327,000 subscribers in under two years then check out our interview with him here.

2. Cornerstones Education - The Theory of Evolution explainer

We love this fresh take on explaining the Theory of Evolution, combining clear imagery with effective animation. A topic that could be complicated and difficult to process is made simple. 

As this video proves, in some cases you might not be able to replicate images in VideoScribe and so you can upload your own photos or graphics to fill in the gaps. This is an easy way to share curriculum content in fun and engaging ways.

Evaluate what elements of your course or curriculum students always struggle with and try creating an explainer video to help!

3. Robbie Short - Introduction to Unconscious Bias explainer

Workplace training is crucial to ensuring your business operates fairly, safely and efficiently. But just because the topics can be heavy and serious, doesn't mean the way you communicate it has to be. 

Research has proven that we learn and remember more when information is presented in novel and interesting ways. Video is the perfect tool to do so! 

This training video on unconscious bias is a great example. It breaks down a complex but important topic into key points and takeaways that we can apply to how we interact with different people. Plus, this video can watched remotely and revisited as many times as needed with no extra HR cost!

4. GrammarSongs - Similes and Metaphors explainer

We know that learning results are improved when more senses are stimulated. That means using teaching with resources that feature imagery, sound, movement and activities. The GrammarSongs videos tick all of these boxes! 

GrammerSongs founder, Melissa Kaye Corbett creates educational videos that explain the different grammar rules, using song to help kids remember the information easier. If you don't already, consider how you could incorporate music and/or a voice-over to your videos to boost results. 

You can learn more about how Melissa started GrammarSongs and the results she's achieved with VideoScribe in our interview with her here

5. Osmosis - COVID-19 explainer

Last but by no means least, we had to include a COVID-19 related explainer. So much new video content has been created as a result of the global pandemic and it's because we're all looking to understand the situation better. Video has the power to turn even the most complex information like this into easily digestible chunks which has proved invaluable over the last few months.

We chose to feature this COVID-19 explainer created for the Osmosis channel because it's packed with great ideas on how you can visualize data. Try uploading images of graphs and charts and adding animated annotations or alternatively, creating your own SVGs

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