How I teach thousands of students around the world using VideoScribe

Posted by Naomi Linford on November 9, 2021
Naomi Linford

We like to think of VideoScribe as the canvas to show off your passions. We're here to help you tell your story and share your knowledge with the world in the most engaging way - through animation. 

Which is why we love getting the opportunity to share real-life stories from our community of VideoScribers who have used our software to turn their ideas into a reality. That's exactly what YouTuber, Melissa Kaye Corbett, the founder and creator of GrammarSongs did and we're excited to share Melissa's journey to growing a subscriber base of 17,000 attracting over 200,000 weekly viewers!

So, if you want to learn how to create successful educational videos and turn your VideoScribe videos into a business then this is the blog for you.

Thank you again to Melissa for sharing your story with us!

Please can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your YouTube channel?

After teaching for twenty two years in the classroom, I'm using VideoScribe to create videos and teach students all over the world full-time now. My videos focus on English Language Arts skills - reading, writing, speaking, and listening. I create music videos and instructional videos that reach people all over the world on YouTube.

How did you discover VideoScribe and what made it the right tool for you? 

My husband, Cullen Corbett, discovered VideoScribe. He woke me up at 3am on a school night. He was very excited that he had begun learning to use VideoScribe animation to go along with my Homophone Blues song. VideoScribe is a great educational tool because the hand can write or draw in sync with a song or voice-over to help students focus on your point and combine visual imagery with audio for maximum impact in learning.

What role did VideoScribe play in establishing your channel and how has it grown?

Once we put all of my recorded educational music songs into VideoScribe, we were able to work together to add visual imagery to illustrate the learning components the songs were trying to convey to students. Then, this past year, I created 39 additional instructional videos to reinforce the skills being taught within the music videos. The instructional videos on YouTube have really become popular with teachers, students, homeschool moms, and English language learners around the globe. I use VideoScribe to illustrate key skills, and I add a voice-over to create a link between the audio and visual components to draw students in.

Why do you think VideoScribe is such an effective tool for teaching children?

I think the precision in timing between the audio and visual imagery is what makes VideoScribe so effective.  The writing or drawing happens exactly where I want it to happen on the screen at the exact time I need it to highlight an idea to coordinate with the song message or voice-over I'm using to teach.

What results have you achieved using VideoScribe for GrammarSongs? 

I have between 7-8 million hits on YouTube and over 17,000 subscribers. The YouTube Channel has recently taken off with more than 200,000 views a week. In addition to YouTube, my Pinterest account has over 50 million impressions. At every moment of every day, I'm helping someone learn somewhere on this globe! I couldn’t do that without VideoScribe.

Do you have any advice for other people wanting to create educational videos?  

My advice is really in the timing of your video. You need to connect what you're teaching to what kids already know. Then, you have to provide guided explanations, and 'wait time'. You can’t just throw information out there and expect children (or adults for that matter) to understand. You have to provide learning opportunities, make connections, and give them a part to play within the experience to engage them within the video and audio being presented to them. They shouldn’t just be 'watching' your video, they should be immersed within the educational experience you're providing for them.

Big thank you again to Melissa for sharing her story! If you'd like to create your own educational videos, start a free 7-day trial of VideoScribe today (no credit card needed).

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