10 Killer business uses for VideoScribe you haven't thought of

Posted by Naomi Linford on November 7, 2023
Naomi Linford

With an unlimited canvas, thousands of images to choose from, and heaps of quick start templates, there's really no limit to what you can create with VideoScribe. But when the opportunities are endless, sometimes you need a little inspiration to kickstart your animation journey ✨

Which is why in this blog, we're walking you through 10 animated videos you can create with VideoScribe that are guaranteed to engage your audiences, boost sales, motivate employees, and hit your objectives. Read on to discover all 10!

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1. Small Business Marketing: Animated Stakeholder Information

Now we all know shareholder meetings aren't renowned for being super engaging - there's usually lots of dense information to share that's more serious in tone. But just because your message is important, doesn't mean it has to be dry.

This stylish VideoScribe animation was created for the AIT 90th Anniversary Shareholders' Meeting. It's a perfect example of how a simple message for the company can be brought to life with whiteboard animation.

2. Marketing for Small Business: Tell Your Brand's Story

Next up, let's talk about brand storytelling. The more your audience understands who you are and what you're about, the more they're going to buy into not only your products and services but you as an organization.

This is key for building brand advocates and repeat business. So, how can you convey everything that your brand stands for in an engaging and concise way? You've probably guessed what we're going to say - with video!

We love this example created by VideoScribe Awards 2020 winner, Carole Alalouf. We're taken on a journey to understand how the 'Start Today Journal' came to be and where the idea came from. In the process, we're getting to know the founder and relating to them, which starts to build those all-important emotional connections.

3. Digital Marketing for Small Business: Win More Work with an Animated Proposal

It's not just brand awareness and marketing video can help with. Video is also proven to boost conversions and sales which will move you ever closer to your revenue targets.

Take this example from creative agency, Founded, who used this video to pitch for work with P&O Cruises. They wanted to make a great impression and give a flavor of their creativity in the proposal. Which is why they chose to support their pitch with animation and it worked - check it out

4. Marketing Ideas for Small Business: Engaging and Informative Content That Draws Audiences In

Half the battle of making a sale is getting noticed. We've seen this become even more important as social media has developed, providing a platform for businesses to entertain, shock, and delight like never before. So what content should you share to start getting noticed?

The video above is a great example of informative content that makes people stop and listen. With hand-drawn animations and an easy-flowing style, we're drawn into the video and can't stop watching. And it's clear this doesn't have to be complicated. By providing interesting information on topics you know your audience is into, you'll soon have them hooked on your content!

5. Cost-Effective Marketing: Boost Training Retention with Animated Explainers

Animated video is also awesome for boosting knowledge retention. Which is why it's the perfect tool for training and up-skilling your teams. Just take a peek at our example to see how easy it is to transform lots of training material into one short and sweet animation.

You could apply this to almost any area of training from processes and protocols to career development and personal skills learning.

6.  Small Business Marketing: Animated Case Study


Do you check the reviews for products and services before you commit to buying them? We're guessing the answer is YES! Often we need a little extra reassurance to part with our cash knowing that we'll get exactly what we signed up for. Which is where case studies come in - they give you the chance to shout about all your previous awesome work, complete with customer quotes and testimonials to put any prospective customer doubts to bed.

Now, you've probably seen case studies filmed as talking heads videos. While these can be great, often watching someone speak for a couple of minutes isn't the most engaging. Instead animated video can help you stimulate more senses and share graphics, quotes, context, results and more, ensuring your case study is a whole lot more memorable. Plus, our ready made template can help - log in to VideoScribe to use it 🙌

7. Marketing Small Businesses: Motivate and Support Employees


We've talked a lot about reaching external audiences with video, but we all know that one of your greatest assets is your people. Ensuring your teams are happy and motivated is key to your business success. And what better way to show your colleagues just how much you appreciate them than with a month of dedicated well-being activities.

Our ready-made calendar template will help you plan out coffee mornings, team events, extra treats, and more that can brighten even the gloomiest Autumn days. Just double click to edit the boxes, and don't forget you can also change the color of all elements - hello brand color scheme!

8. Virtual Marketing: Virtual Building or Shop Tour

From factories to shops and stores, a tour can not only help prospective buyers plan how they'll reach you but also help them get to know your brand. This is especially important if your product or service is an investment purchase that requires more consideration, such as cars. A virtual showroom tour could help buyers understand what cars you'll have to look at and where they're positioned, which will likely answer some of their first questions.

But as our example video shows, this could be applied to almost any business whether you're giving a tour of a physical building or virtual space. 

9. New Product Launch: Video Animation

If you need to create some buzz or demo a new product, a snazzy scribe is an easy, efficient way of getting people talking. In under 90 seconds, you can set the scene for why your product is important, the problem it solves, and how people can get their hands on it.

Don't forget, these types of videos are super easy to share too. They'll work brilliantly on your website, featured on landing pages, or shared on your social media channels. Once you've taken the time to create your animation, make sure you get maximum value from it by using it as widely as possible.

10. Marketing Ideas for Small Business: Take Audiences Behind the Scenes


We all love feeling like we're getting access to exclusive information and learning exactly how our products and services are created. With animation, you can easily give your audiences a sneak peek at how your business came to be or how your best sellers are created without the need for costly filming equipment. Just take our example above - we walk through the journey one VideoScriber took from starting his YouTube channel to attracting hundreds of thousands of subscribers. All in under 2 minutes!  

There we have it, 10 ways you can use VideoScribe to boost your business today! Which ideas will you be using?

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