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Posted by Clemmy Ralph on June 6, 2023
Clemmy Ralph

Humans have been telling stories for thousands of years, over 9,000 to be specific - that's when the first ever written story dates back to. But the truth is, people were probably telling verbal stories long before that and in that respect, not much has changed between now and then.

According to a study, 65% of our daily conversations are based on storytelling. That sounds like a lot, right!? But take a minute to remember what you told your colleagues, friends or family today. Most of it was probably little stories. Funny stories, stories about daily frustrations, or even stories about each other.

While we'll often tell a variety of different stories, most of us tell them in 1 of 4 main styles. These are: simplifier, educator, motivator and entertainer. To discover which you are, take our quick free quiz and then read on to learn what that means ✨👇 

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Simplifying Storytellers

These people naturally use stories to explain their ideas in terms that their audience already understands, using metaphors and analogies to build a mental picture. These storytellers will often ask you to imagine a familiar situation and then build on top of it. 

Their storytelling superpower is: being relatable and making even the most complex concepts accessible for all.
Resources to support these kinds of storytellers include:
  1. Our guide to creating visual metaphors that support verbal storytelling.
  2. Our range of color-changing concepts and metaphors images in the VideoScribe library.


Educational Storytellers

If you're an educational storyteller you naturally use stories to share your passions with the world and impart some of your knowledge.
Their storytelling superpower is: fostering curiosity and making every topic interesting.

Resources to support this type of storyteller include:


Motivational Storytellers

These people use stories to encourage others to take action, using strong persuasive language to get to the heart of what matters to their audience.
Their storytelling superpower is: uplifting others with their energy and inspiring them to make change.

Resources to support this type of storyteller include:


Entertaining Storytellers

Entertaining storytellers use stories to surprise and delight their audience and feel no greater satisfaction than making people laugh. But, that doesn't mean this type of storyteller can't also use their powers to tell stories about more serious topics. Using suspense and drama to keep audiences enthralled. 
Their storytelling superpower is: your ability to make people relax and transport them to new worlds.

Resources to support this type of storyteller include:

Which type of storyteller are you? Comment and let us know! 👇

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