VideoScribe's year in review 2023

Posted by Xana Castle on December 25, 2023
Xana Castle

Wow, can you believe it's almost the end of 2023? We're so excited to look back and celebrate everything we accomplished together this year! 🎉

Let's talk about your favorites. Watch our year-in-review highlights video below to see the winners 👇

Most of the top templates this year once again followed our classic whiteboard animation style.

Top Templates

1. Whiteboard Explainer - Green Collage (5)

2. Mind Map (6)

3. Lesson Overview (7)
4. My Video Scrapbook (1)-3
5. Slideshow Presentation (2)-2

Here are your most used images of 2023.

Top Images

  1. The bar chart
  2. Thinking brain
  3. Coin bag
  4. Stressed man
  5. Thinking bulb (4)

And let's not forget about fonts – you guys have great taste! 

Top Fonts 

  1. Permanent Marker
  2. Pacifico
  3. Patrick Hand
  4. Luckiest Guy
  5. Rock Salt (3)-2

We're thrilled that you love these fonts as much as we do!

Now, onto the most-read blogs of the year. Drumroll, please! 🥁

Top Blogs

  1. 5 free tools to create animated GIFs
  2. 65% of people prefer visual learning
  3. How ChatGPT can speed up your video creation
  4. 5 storytelling facts that will blow your mind
  5. How to create the perfect elevator pitch

We're glad you found these blogs helpful and enjoyable!

But wait, there's more! In 2023, we introduced some fantastic features, like:

  • Our new cameras in VideoScribe for Browser which gave you the ability to zoom in and out of elements on your canvas and made the canvas 49x larger, giving you the freedom to pan around and add even more elements to your video.
  • A partnership with The Noun Project to boost our image library to 5 million images. This is the most comprehensive icons and illustrations collection in the world and includes celebrities, animals, concepts, metaphors, and many many more. And now you can access them for free in VideoScribe for browser.
  • The addition of royalty-free images in VideoScribe for Browser where you can seamlessly add free audio into your videos with 200 (and growing) royalty-free music tracks.

Let's raise a virtual toast to 2023 and get ready for an even more fabulous 2024! 🎉 If you haven't tried VideoScribe yet, why not give it a shot with our 7-day free trial? Cheers to creativity and fun in the coming year!


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