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Posted by Naomi Linford on March 17, 2022
Naomi Linford

When it comes to measuring the success of your video it can seem like a confusing mash up of acronyms and made up words. And to make matters worse some video platforms and social channels use the same terminology slightly differently 🤯...

But don’t worry, VideoScribe is here for the rescue! Below we’ve explained all the common terms used to measure video success. We’ve broken it down by platform to account for any variance in meaning. Keep this guide handy and you’ll be reporting on your video success like a pro in no time. 

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Website videos

Total plays or views: The number of times the video was played -- this includes when a viewer hits the play button but also auto-plays.

Play rate: This metric shows you of all the people who landed on your webpage how many watched the video. It is calculated by dividing the number of unique video plays by the number of unique page views. 

Average engagement: What proportion of your video did people watch on average. Calculate this by dividing the total hours watched by total plays then multiply by the length of the video. 

Actions or conversions: How many viewers took your desired next step, this is usually clicking on a call to action.

Facebook videos

Minutes viewed: Total time spent watching your video 

3 second video views: The number of times your video was watched for at least 3 seconds

10 second video views: The number of times your video was watched for at least 10 seconds. If your video is less than 10 seconds, this counts the number of times people watched at least 97% of your video.

1 minute video views: The number of times your video was watched for at least a minute. If your video is less than a minute, this counts the number of times people watched at least 97% of your video.

Average video watch time: On average how many seconds or minutes did your viewers watch

Audience retention: Usually shown as a graph, this captures audience retention over time. Showing the proportion of viewers that stopped watching at each moment of the video.

Instagram videos

Views: The number of times your video was viewed for at least 3 seconds. This doesn’t include views from embedded posts, desktops views or video loops.

Impressions: How many times viewers saw your video post

Likes: Number of likes your video post received

Reach: Number of unique accounts that viewed your video post

YouTube videos

Watch time: Total viewing time for all your videos

Views: Google is notoriously vague about what classes as a view on YouTube stating simply that “legitimate views” are counted. It is generally accepted that a viewer needs to watch at least 30 seconds to count as a view, alongside other signals that Google interprets as classing a viewer as legitimate

Average view duration: For how long on average was your video watched

Videos in playlists: Number of times your videos were added to viewers' playlists

Subscribers: Total number of subscribers to your videos

Traffic sources: The various places viewers discovered your video 

Playback locations: The page or site the video was viewed on

Twitter Videos

Minutes viewed: Number of minutes users watched your video 

Video views: Number of times your video was viewed for at least 3 seconds across all tweets it features is

Completion rate: Proportion of viewers that watched to the end

Calls to action clicks: Number of clicks on the call to action button in the video

LinkedIn Videos

Views: Number of times your video was viewed for at least 2 seconds 

Plays: Number of times your video was played

Completion rate: What proportion of users watched your video to the end

Full screen plays: How many viewers watched your video in full screen mode

Post metrics: Include impressions, clicks, social actions, and engagement

Snapchat Videos

Unique views: How many people viewed your Snapchat story video for at least one second.

View time: The combined time viewers spent watching your Snapchat videos.

Completion rate: What proportion of users watched your Snapchat story to the end.

Screenshots: How many users snapped a screenshot of your video.

Demographics: The gender, age, and location breakdown of your users.

TikTok Videos

You need a Pro account to access these metrics:

Video views: How many times users watched your videos over the course of the chosen time period.

Trending videos: Your top 9 videos with the fastest growing in views in 7 days.

Follower activity: The time of day and days of the week that your followers are most active on TikTok.

Videos your followers watched: Other videos that are popular with your followers.

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