The Ultimate March 2024 Social Media Video Content Calendar

Posted by Xana Castle on March 6, 2024
Xana Castle

Welcome to March 2024, a month filled with exciting opportunities to up your social media game! This month, we're bringing you fresh ideas and engaging content to captivate your audience.

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The Ultimate March 2024 Social Media Video Content Calendar πŸ‘‡


Whole of March - Women's History Month

Embrace Women's History Month by celebrating the incredible contributions and successes of women throughout history. Share empowering stories, quotes, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the amazing women in your team.

🌍 3rd March – World Wildlife Day

Celebrate World Wildlife Day by showcasing your commitment to environmental sustainability. Share content highlighting the importance of preserving wildlife and eco-friendly practices. Consider collaborating with environmental organizations for added impact.

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πŸ“š 7th March - World Book Day

Invite your followers to share their favorite books or stories on this day that promotes literacy and reading for pleasure. Create engaging video content by narrating a short story or hosting a live storytelling session. Encourage your audience to join the conversation using a unique hashtag.

♀️ 8th March - International Women's Day

Join the global movement for gender equality. Use this day to highlight the achievements of women in your industry or community. Launch a campaign supporting women's causes, and consider sharing stories of inspirational women connected to your brand. VideoScribe has the perfect template to get you started. πŸ‘‡

πŸŒ™ 10th March - Ramadan

As Ramadan begins, share creative content that aligns with the spirit of this holy month. Consider launching a Ramadan-themed challenge, where followers can share their creative expressions related to the season. Need some inspiration? Use our Ramadam greeting or invitation templates. πŸ‘‡

🎬 10th March – 2024 Oscars

The Oscars 2024 are here! Engage your audience by predicting winners, sharing memorable movie quotes, or even creating fun, movie-themed challenges. Capitalize on the buzz surrounding the ceremony to boost your social media presence.

πŸ€ 17th March – St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day is your chance to spread joy. Share amusing content, engage your audience with Irish-themed quizzes, and don't forget to wear green! Create animated greetings to send your followers a bit of luck and laughter. VideoScribe has quiz, greetings, joke or company message templates to get you started! πŸ‘‡

🌷 19th March – Mother’s Day (UK, Ireland & Nigeria)

Mother's Day is celebrated in the UK, Ireland and Nigeria on the 19th of March this year and is an opportunity to show appreciation. Use VideoScribe to craft heartwarming messages, share user-generated content, and offer special promotions to celebrate the bond between mothers and their loved ones. Check out VideoScribe’s Mother’s Day templates! πŸ‘‡

🌞 20th March – Spring Starts

Welcome the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere with vibrant and uplifting content. Encourage your audience to share their favorite spring moments, and consider running a spring-themed photo contest.

😊 21st March – World Down Syndrome Day

On World Down Syndrome Day, foster inclusivity and celebrate diversity. Share stories of individuals with Down syndrome making a positive impact. Use the power of animation to create heart-warming content that encourages understanding and acceptance.

🌈 25th March - Holi

Holi, the festival of colors, is a two-day celebration in India that celebrates the eternal love between Radha and Lord Krishna and is a perfect occasion to infuse vibrancy into your content. Create animated greetings, share Holi traditions, and encourage your audience to share their colorful celebrations with a branded hashtag. VideoScribe has a number of Holi themed templates that you can use straightaway! πŸ‘‡

πŸ§‡ 25th March – International Waffle Day

Indulge in the delicious fun of International Waffle Day! Share waffle recipes, conduct polls to determine the ultimate waffle topping, and consider creating playful waffle-themed animations to engage your audience.

🌍 26th March – Earth Hour

Participate in Earth Hour by encouraging your followers to turn off non-essential lights. Share content highlighting your commitment to sustainability and the importance of collective action for the planet.

πŸ’œ 26th March - Purple Day

On Purple Day, raise awareness about epilepsy and start meaningful conversations. Use VideoScribe to share informative content, personal stories, and encourage donations to epilepsy-related charities.

🐰 31st March - Easter

As Easter Sunday arrives, dive into the festive spirit. Share Easter-themed animations, host virtual egg hunts, and encourage your audience to share their Easter traditions. Consider running a creative Easter-themed contest to boost engagement. VideoScribe has several Easter templates that you can make use of. πŸ‘‡

And that's a wrap on our March 2024 social media content calendar! Tell us in the comments which holidays you're adding to your content calendars and share the excitement with your audience πŸ‘‡




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