The ultimate December 2023 social media video content calendar

Posted by Xana Castle on December 18, 2023
Xana Castle

The halls are decked, the festive tunes are filling the air, and the rush of holiday shopping has begun—December is here! This month is a whirlwind of merriment, delicious treats, and cherished moments with loved ones. Beyond the personal joy, December offers numerous opportunities to showcase your business on social media. From quirky holidays like National Sock Day to the warmth of Christmas Jumper Day, our calendar is packed with exciting ideas to fill your content calendars throughout the month.

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The Ultimate December 2022 social media content calendar


1st December - English Breakfast Day

For our friends in Britain, December 1st is your day! Begin with a hearty English breakfast and showcase your culinary skills on your social channels.Screen Shot 2022-11-28 at 15.14.42

4th December - National Sock Day

Sport those funky socks proudly on December 4th! Encourage your team to snap sock photos, creating a lively video montage for your social channels.

5th December - Pigs in Blankets Day

If you adore this delectable sausage-wrapped-in-bacon delight, rejoice! Dedicate the day to enjoying Pigs in Blankets and share the love on your social channels.

7th December - Hanukkah

 Amidst the bustling holiday spirit, December 7th marks the commencement of this beautiful eight-night celebration called Hanukkah, radiating warmth and joy.

10th December - Human Rights Day

Observed annually on December 10th, Human Rights Day raises awareness for those without basic human rights.

11th December - Green Monday

December 11th, Green Monday, is a popular day for last-minute online Christmas shopping. If you sell gifts, seize the opportunity to promote your products.

12th December - Christmas Jumper Day

Invite your colleagues to don their sparkliest Christmas jumpers and create a video montage for your social channels. Consider using this occasion to raise funds for a local charity.

14th December - National Shipping Day

On December 14th, we celebrate National Shipping Day, honoring those who ensure our packages travel swiftly from one corner of the world to another. Consider sharing  promoting exclusive shipping deals for your business on this special day.

18th December - Arabic Language Day

Celebrate the significance of the Arabic language on December 18th. Craft an animated video sharing intriguing facts about the language or use our nifty template. 👇

21st December - Winter/Summer Solstice

On December 21st, mark the Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) or the Summer Solstice (Southern Hemisphere) with a video featuring fun facts about this celestial event.

23rd  December - Super Saturday

December 23rd, Super Saturday, is the final shopping frenzy before Christmas. Promote your pre-Christmas sales and encourage shoppers to visit your website or store.

Screen Shot 2022-11-28 at 15.19.46

24th December - Christmas Eve

.Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, December 24th is a day of delicious food and festive wishes. Create an animated video filled with Christmas facts for your social channels. 

25th December - Christmas Day

Christmas day is finally here! Whether you're with family or friends, indulge in good food and mulled wine. Enhance your celebrations with our 'Christmas Wishes' video template, perfect for sharing across your social channels. 👇

We've got five new festive video templates for you to share across your social channels during December. Check them out in our blog post here.

26th December - Kwanzaa

As we bid farewell to Christmas, embrace the rich cultural tapestry of Kwanzaa starting on December 26th. This week-long celebration, rooted in African heritage, emphasizes unity, creativity, and community. Take this opportunity to learn about and celebrate Kwanzaa traditions, share meaningful quotes, or showcase your support for diversity and inclusivity on social media.

31st December - New Year's Eve

Bid farewell to 2023 and usher in the new year surrounded by friends and family. Explore our new year celebration template in the VideoScribe library—check it out below! 👇

And with that, we wrap up our December 2023 social media content calendar! We hope you're brimming with ideas and eager to dive into the festive season. Share with us in the comments which celebrations will find a place on your content calendars. 👇

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