The top Christmas video marketing campaigns of 2021

Posted by Naomi Linford on November 9, 2021
Naomi Linford

There’s a reason why all the best holiday adverts are videos. Only videos can stimulate some of the most powerful emotions from joy and warm fuzzy feelings to compassion and empathy.

It’s these emotions that we remember. As Maya Angelou said, “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Today we’re sharing our favorite Christmas video campaigns that entertained us, educated us and gave us warm fuzzies.

Barbour’s nostalgic Paddington Bear story

Kicking things off is this animation from Barbour that takes us on a journey right back to our childhood with Paddington Bear. The clumsy but irresistibly lovable character of Paddington is instantly recognizable and sparks all sorts of nostalgia. Just like that we've made an emotional connection that we'll remember! 

The ad also has an important message about recycling and reusing which is something we all need to be mindful of when gift giving this Christmas. Encouraging us to think of thoughtful ways we can up-cycle or repair pre-loved clothes, toys and more!

Have you considered how you could incorporate nostalgia into your video experiences? It doesn't have to be characters and famous stories - it could be as simple as having milk and cookies.

Disney's heart-warming 'The Stepdad'

Now if you felt like the previous animation was emotive, you're not ready for what Disney are serving up this Christmas! In this classic Disney-style animation we see the relationship between a stepdad and his partner's children blossom. The characters' expressions so perfectly capture what they're feeling meaning we can easily empathize with them. 

With lots of families experiencing similar changes and new additions, it's a story that will resonate with lots of us too. But don't go thinking that just because this is Disney, you can't take lessons from it for your own animations. The key here is the storytelling and visuals. Focus in on how you can clearly explain your message with imagery and give your story peaks and troughs - not just a smooth ride to a happy ending. Take your audience on a journey with a few bumps along the way!

Ecclesiastical's 12 days of donations

While the holidays are a great opportunity to have fun with your content, it’s also a prime time to raise awareness about important causes. One campaign that we’re loving for both those reasons is from Ecclesiastical. 

They're not only giving away a fantastic amount of money to very deserving charities, but they're involving their audiences in the process. As the video shows, Ecclesiastical are asking their communities to nominate charities close to their heart which in the process, is helping raise awareness of all the incredible work charities around the country are doing!  

Have you considered how you could create festive content that entertains and informs this year?

Macy's incredible character development

Last but by no means least is Macy's story of Tiptoe and the Flying Machine - the nervous reindeer that's not confident in their flying abilities. With the help of friends (and local elves) they help Tiptoe find their confidence to join Santa on Christmas deliveries. 

It's the strength of these characters that's so effective here. We only meet Tiptoe and friends for a minute and a half but we're completely bought into their personalities and can understand why they do what they do. So consider how you can give more personality to your characters to really bring them to life!

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