The secret of Tree Wisdom

Posted by Gabriel Smy on October 10, 2019
Gabriel Smy


What happens when you put a tool like VideoScribe into the hands of a talented designer? The answer is 'Tree Wisdom'. We asked the wonderful graphic designer Lizzie Everard to play with VideoScribe. This is what she came up with. Incredible, isn't it? We were blown away!

How did she do it?

In these tutorial videos Lizzie describes her techniques:

  1. Controlling lines in VideoScribe
  2. Ordering layers for VideoScribe
  3. Using After Effects with VideoScribe 

Lizzie also wrote about making 'Tree Wisdom' on her blog:

I wanted to really push Videoscribe and my use of Illustrator with it - which is really the core of Sparkol's technique. There are technical tricks I've learnt over nearly 20 years in the industry that I wanted to try, some of which were in Illustrator, and after hours of crafting my scribe I also exported it into After Effects and pushed some depth into it through layering … just open it up and get stuck in! Don't be afraid to really mess around.

The soundtrack is disOrder by airtone, available under Creative Commons. If you've never tried VideoScribe before, it's available on a free trial. Or get the full package from only £16 per month.

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