The most lovable Valentine’s Day video campaigns of 2020

Posted by Naomi Linford on November 9, 2021
Naomi Linford

The secret to any successful campaign is to be memorable. If you’re remembered people are more likely to come back and buy your product or seek out your service when they next need it.

The best way to be memorable is to make your target audience feel something! What better time of year to spark emotion than Valentine’s Day - whether it’s warm fuzzy feelings, compassion or joy.

Today we’re sharing our favorite Valentine’s Day video marketing campaigns that are unforgettable for all the right reasons.

John Legend’s legendary love letters

This campaign from singer John Legend had to feature in our list for it’s incredible animations!

Voiced by John Legend himself, the videos showcase love stories from around the world sent in by fans. The color, movement and simplicity of the animations hook us in and keep us watching to the end to see what happens.

Peace by Chocolate’s unsolicited love advice

Next up, this creative campaign from ethical chocolate brand, Peace by Chocolate combines online and offline experiences to develop a holistic Valentine's Day campaign. The company sought out long-time lovebirds to offer their relationship advice, sharing the wisdom in every box of Valentine's chocolates they sell and in this sweet video. 

The angle of this campaign caught our attention because it connects with us on an emotional level while providing helpful tips and insights into sustaining a fantastic relationship. 

Have you considered how you can connect your video marketing with in-store or in person experiences your customers have with you?

Protect your Bubble’s celebrity couple competition

To give our emotions a quick break, we’re including this fun animated campaign from Protect your Bubble. Quick quizzes like this are irresistible, we can’t help ourselves but stop scrolling and try to guess who the celebrity couple might be.

This is a really versatile video ad idea because you can alter it for almost any season. Switch the emojis out for icons to guess the Christmas song or Halloween villain.

Penn Law’s lasting relationships

Lots of us are nostalgic for our school or university days and this video campaign from the University of Pennsylvania is pulling at those heart strings.

The Law School’s video features couples sharing their fondest memories of meeting at the university. It’s a beautiful campaign that reinforces the fact that university is more than just a place to get your degree.

So, those were our favorite video Valentine’s Day campaigns this year. What campaigns are you loving? Share them with us in the comments.

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