150+ New scenery and marketing images + new process and step-by-step video templates

Posted by Naomi Linford on November 4, 2021
Naomi Linford

You know it's going to be a good week when there's new VideoScribe images and templates! 🙌 Say hello to over 150 new graphics plus new video templates to help you explain your ideas and tell stories with staying power 💪

Read on to discover all the new creative assets added to VideoScribe and get ideas on how you can use them in your own animations. 

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Set the scene with our new backdrop images 

Let's kick things off with our new background images. Gone are the days of layering your own images to create backdrops, you can now create whole new worlds with one click.

From showing the passing of time with seasons to adding detail to your stories, these images help you boost your storytelling power. Plus, like most of our images, these are color changing, meaning you can edit them to suit your message, story or brand 💥

Simplify complex ideas with new icons and marketing images

Alongside these show stopping scenes, we've also added lots of super helpful extra images to ensure communicating your message is effortless. 

This new set of images includes elements that were previously only available in our templates, plus images we created specifically for our own website and marketing. There's also a heap of new icons to ensure you can cover all bases. You can search for these images by category i.e. icons or by key word i.e. flags. 

Process explainer video template

Now let's talk template newness! We know that some of the most popular animations to create are 'how-to' or step-by-step videos. Which is why... we've added two brand new templates to help you explain processes with ease. These professionally designed templates set out a ready-made structure, all you have to do is edit the text and double click to swap out images. It's as easy as that! 

In this case, we created this template to follow a circular path, building up to a full circle at the end showing all the steps in one screen. This is a really effective way to reinforce knowledge and makes it easier to take in the information. 

Once you're happy with your edited animation, just click publish to share this video on your website, on social media (YouTube is especially good for videos like this as it's the place people turn to learn new things), or share a snippet in emails

Step-by-step video template

Our second process template is structured as a book, working through the steps across the pages. Now in this case we've used the example of the process of writing, but you can edit this to explain any topic you like - literary or not! 

The focus is on sharing information in a fun and visually pleasing way as that's when we learn best! When our eyes and ears are engaged and we're not just reading a manual... 😂

And that's a wrap! Those are the latest VideoScribe developments but we have lots more planned so look out for more updates coming soon. As always, if you want to use any of these new images and templates, just log into your VideoScribe account or start a free 7-day trial 👇


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