Interview with the winner of the ‘Best Video of 2022’ in the VideoScribe Awards!

Posted by Louise Greaves on January 18, 2023
Louise Greaves

Welcome to our series getting to know the winners of the 2022 VideoScribe Awards. First up let’s meet Debarun Purkayastha, winner of the Best Overall Video for his animated book summary ‘Less Doing, More Living’. We chatted to Debarun about his work, interests and tips for creating video!

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am a 20 year old undergraduate student from India, I freelance on Fiverr and Upwork, and have what you call an ‘Entrepreneur mindset’! To make this big, I recently started my own animation production brand, and we work as a team now. It’s called ‘The First Line Animations’. Apart from my online business, I also have a huge interest in acting, and would like to become an actor ( 🇺🇸 😜).

Why did you choose VideoScribe to create animated videos?

I chose Videoscribe because it’s the only animation tool that’s very easy-to-use and with a nice interface! And it has a vast collection of great images and characters.

What does winning the ‘Best Overall Video’ mean to you?

It feels really great to win this award. I feel proud of myself and want to thank all my clients who made this possible.

How do you use video?

I sell whiteboard videos to my clients (as a freelancer)… on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. Sometimes I make videos for my own use as well - for my Youtube channel, or for social media marketing. I like to share videos on social media like Instagram, Facebook… If it’s my own project, then I upload these videos directly to my Youtube channel so that billions of people all over the world can watch my videos.

How did you create your award winning video?

I just made that amazing video using the script and voiceover provided by my client. Thanks to the client for providing me with the resources from his side… I also wanna thank my tiny brain that helped to put my creativity into the video :D

What is the best piece of advice you could share with our readers?

Nothing much! Just keep making videos regularly and learn from others who are one step ahead of you… Take ideas and inspiration from their videos. And try to make a better version of that. And you will surely achieve that milestone for yourself as well 😀. PERSEVERANCE IS KEY!


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