The 2022 VideoScribe Awards Winners are here 🏆

Posted by Ashden Walker on December 20, 2022
Ashden Walker

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Fresh off the press... the winners of the 2022 VideoScribe Awards! 

The VideoScribe Awards are an annual celebration of our users and video animators. And this year, we've seen the same incredible quality in submissions for our three award categories: The Best Overall Video of 2022, The Best Use of VideoScribe For Your Browser, and finally, the Best Use of VideoScribe For Your Desktop. 

Year after year we've been blown away by the quality and creativity of each submission and for that, we wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who entered. After much deliberation between our panelists, we narrowed it down to four shortlisted candidates for each category, and you've voted for the ultimate winners. 

The votes have been counted. The results are in. Drum roll please for your winners of the 2022 VideoScribe Awards...

The Best Overall Video for 2022

And the winner is... Debarun, with 'Less Doing, More Living | Animated Book Summary'. Like you guys who voted, we absolutely love how Debarun uses voice-over alongside a clever script and supporting imagery to bring this animation to life. Check it out for yourself to see what we're talking about:


The Best Use of VideoScribe For Your Browser

And the winner is... Shadi, with '5 Money Management Tips for Millennials'. Not only did we learn a few things about millennials - we also gained some juicy money-saving tips along the way! We love how Shadi used a range of different video styles together in one video as well. We had live-action footage, but also animation - you never knew what was coming up next!


The Best Use of VideoScribe For Your Desktop

And the winner is... Carole, with 'Ann Handley: Find the Joy in Writing'. Carol's video brilliantly shows off the power of VideoScribe when partnered with third-party software to really add individuality and flare. Our favorite bit? We absolutely love the subtle animations between the two characters while they're conversing. Such a clever use of animation and sound to make it visually interesting for all viewers.

And there we have it! Our 2022 winners for the VideoScribe Awards. Feeling inspired to create your own animated video? Log in to VideoScribe or start a free 7-day trial today 👇

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