How I bring scientific stories to life with VideoScribe animations

Posted by Naomi Linford on November 9, 2021
Naomi Linford

The true benefit of whiteboard animation is its ability to make even the most complex topics accessible for all. This is an especially valuable trait in science, where incredible breakthroughs rely on effective communication to get them out in the world.

With this in mind, we’re really excited to share our conversation with Dr. Mhairi Towler. Mhairi specializes in communicating science in innovative ways using VideoScribe animations and is founder of animation studio, Vivomotion. In today’s blog we learn Mhairi’s approach to creating scientific VideoScribe animations, and why they’re so effective for disseminating research and teaching.

Big thank you to Mhairi for discussing this with us!

Summary of the key benefits Mhairi realised with VideoScribe:

  • VideoScribe animations allow Mhairi’s customers to attract more attention to their research in an engaging way.
  • Science students can quickly and easily create their own videos, developing their digital skills and sharing their research.
  • Communicating even the most complex scientific technologies and processes in terms anyone can understand is easy.

Please can you tell us a little about yourself and Vivomotion?

Dr Mhairi Towler

Initially I trained as a scientist and carried out postdoctoral research in both Dundee, Scotland and San Francisco. However, I was always interested in the visual side of lab data so when an opportunity arose to take part in a Sciart project I jumped at the chance.

This led on to another project where I created an animation of a cell. It was during this project that I realised the potential of literally bringing scientific stories to life, allowing visualization of the previously unseen. With that in mind, I decided to set up a business that helps scientists communicate what they do using animation. I retrained in animation and that's how Vivomotion was born!

How do you use VideoScribe?

I use VideoScribe in two ways. Firstly, for creating animations for clients looking to engage a wider audience in scientific research. Public engagement with scientific research is now a requirement for some funding bodies so scientists are looking for novel ways to get their research out there.

Secondly, I also use VideoScribe when I’m teaching students how to effectively disseminate their research findings. I take them through the process of creating an animation and as VideoScribe is quick and easy to pick up they can start to experiment with it during my training session. Afterwards, universities and schools will often buy VideoScribe subscriptions for their students so that they can continue to develop and practice their animation skills.

Biofilms bacteria science scribe video example

What made you choose VideoScribe?

I chose VideoScribe as a software tool because it's easy to use, has a library of images and music to choose from and the results are clean and easy to understand!

What benefits have you seen from VideoScribe?

VideoScribe animations allow my customers to communicate with their chosen audience in a fun and engaging way.

I’ve also found that animations bring value in commercial settings by helping to explain new technologies and processes, as well as increasing brand awareness.

bacteria science explainer video example

Why do you think VideoScribe is such an effective tool for teaching and training?

I think it’s an effective tool for teaching and training as it can make content engaging for an audience. It’s much easier to retain information if it’s presented in a novel and fun way like a whiteboard animation.

Thank you again to Mhairi for sharing her story!

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