Holiday video ideas for businesses and schools

Posted by Ashden Walker on November 17, 2022
Ashden Walker

With the 2022 festive season fast approaching, now is the time to let video be the hero for all of your messages. From celebrating one-day sales for Thanksgiving to offering the 12 Days of Christmas promotions in the run-up to the big day… Whether you’re a business or a school, the potential is huge. In this blog post, we’ll be generating different ideas for you to make engaging holiday videos for the classroom and your existing and new clients! Read on to find out more…

Want to digest more information on how you can use video over the holiday period? Catch our latest webinar on ‘How to promote your business during the festive season’, hosted by the VideoScribe marketing team. You can watch the video on demand by heading over to our YouTube channel!

Holiday video ideas for the classroom:

Holidays in the classroom are full of excitement! Students are looking forward to the upcoming events and the break that’s ahead. Sleigh bells are ringing across the world, and festive scents fill the rooms. And as it turns out, the classroom is the perfect place to keep your students engaged and entertained. Here are our three video ideas for the classroom:

  1. Create a video Christmas wish list. 

Work with your students to create a video wish list of everything they want for Christmas. With a VideoScribe education subscription or a 7-day trial, your students can use their computer skills to put together an animated video detailing what they’d like to see under the Christmas tree this year. 

Plus, once they’ve finished making their video, they can share the animated video with families or email it directly to Santa using his email address:


  1. Make holiday cards to integrate social emotional learning. 

Integrate social emotional learning into the classroom with this festive activity using video. Get your students to create holiday cards with encouraging notes for each other on the inside. They can design the card digitally using VideoScribe with our range of over 11,000 images in the library. 

Our top tip? Assign everyone a partner to make sure every student receives a card! Here’s an example card that we created using VideoScribe for your browser. Plus if your students decide to use Hand Animation (like we have in this video), we have a range of different ages, ethnicities, and genders for them to find a hand that best represents them! 


  1. Video holiday scavenger hunt.

Use our video holiday scavenger hunt video, or make your own using VideoScribe, to get your students up and out of their seats and burn energy around the classroom. We’ve taken 10 typical classroom objects and placed them in this video with a 15-second countdown. 

Rather than printing a boring plain PDF, use video as the means to deliver the scavenger hunt. You’ll visually engage your students (and the countdown is already included - one less thing to worry about)!

Holiday videos ideas for business:

The holiday period for businesses is a key time in the calendar year to drum up new sales and retain existing customers. Leveraging key dates and celebrations with video should be done as standard, but we’ve got three ideas on how you can take things one step further… 

  1. Discounts and promotions with video

Offer your existing and prospective customers exclusive discounts and promotions for key holiday dates. For example, you could run a time-sensitive sale for the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales days. We know people are in a purchasing mindset for themselves or their loved ones in the lead-up to Christmas. 

You could also run a Christmas sale, or Super Saturday discounts… There are so many holidays you could leverage. To find out more about how you can promote your business during the festive season, rewatch our on-demand webinar by clicking this link. Clemmy and Ash from the VideoScribe marketing team chat through how they use video to capitalize on these holiday dates. 

  1. Social competitions to boost organic reach and exposure 

Want to broaden your organic social reach? Create a social-first competition with video! The mechanics of it are simple: put a post out using Stories, Reels, or as part of your feed, and as an entry requirement, the social viewer needs to like, tag friends, and follow your business. 

This way your existing followers broaden your reach by tagging their friends in the comments. The friends see your business offering and may decide to enter the competition for themselves, and so on! 

For Halloween, we ran a social competition with our ‘Count the bats’ video. Using an animated video, we placed six bats in the video. Entrants had to count the bats, then submit their responses using a form. Of those who answered correctly, we then ran a lucky dip competition where three winners were selected at random for our three prizes. Check out the video here to get some inspiration on how you can create your own…

  1. Seasonal blog content to boost SEO performance and prospective audience 

Have you ever wondered how video can impact your SEO performance? As Smart Bug Media put it, “Shoppers are twice as likely to purchase after viewing something like a product video than they are without engaging that content, so not only will video help increase your SEO by getting more eyes on your site, but it will also carry the ball farther down the field”... need we say anything more? 

We recommend you create and write seasonal blog content to boost your organic traffic rankings through search, but also by leveraging video within your blog post… as we have done in today's article! 

And there we have it… we hope these ideas help you celebrate the upcoming holidays in the classroom and by growing your success. Did you know that all the videos we created for this blog post were made using VideoScribe? That’s right! It’s our tool that anyone can use - no matter your experience level - to create engaging animated videos in minutes. 

With our free 7-day trial, you can experiment with absolutely no risk or obligation. We don’t ask for any card details - we just want you to experience the full potential of video and if you like it, you can buy a subscription that works for you! 

Also, if you’re an educator, you can access our exclusive discounts. Contact our Sales Team here to find out more

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