5 Animated Advertising Campaigns to Inspire

Posted by Amiee PreFontaine on June 5, 2024
Amiee PreFontaine

Animation is one of the best ways brands can consistently engage with their audiences and effectively deliver their message. For businesses, they are cost-effective and scalable for repeated use throughout a campaign.  For a consumer, animated advertising is memorable and accessible while allowing brands the creative freedom to explore more out-of-the-box ideas and styles. 

At VideoScribe, we're always looking for great advertising campaigns to inspire us in the creation of great animated videos. Here we've collated five of our favorite recent animated advertising campaigns to help spark your imagination when you create your next video.

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Housing and homelessness charity Shelter uses animation to create effective and informative infographic-style videos to raise awareness for housing and homelessness issues. The ads aim to make a bold impact and use a simple color scheme of white, black, and red alongside visual metaphors, and emotionally impactful imagery. Presenting dynamic imagery alongside carefully chosen text spotlights important statistics and facts. The charity will often include a call-to-action in its infographic videos to inspire those to stand alongside them and be part of a force for change. 


Charlie Bingham 

British prepared meal producer Charlie Bingham recently launched their ‘Meet Charlie’ campaign. The animated advert introduces founder Charlie’s story and follows his hands-on involvement in creating the dishes that then grace the dining rooms, living rooms, and kitchens of homes around the UK. The animation is used to enhance the storytelling aspect of the brand while the ad's simplistic animation and style, designed by illustrator Emily Sutton, emphasizes the honesty and maturity of the brand. The advertisement challenges preconceptions of ready meals as mass-produced products that compromise on quality. Charlie Bingham places itself as a plain and genuine brand whose products are handmade, freshly prepared, and never frozen. 

Ben & Jerry’s

Iconic ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s often use animation to help showcase their product whilst setting a casual tone and communicating Ben & Jerry’s playful brand identity. The animated elements are colorful and kitsch and are often flowing, raining, or bursting throughout the advert, a reflection of the product itself, ‘bursting’ with flavor. The brand will also utilize vintage style and stop-motion animation to highlight aspects of the product or important points such as the brand's devotion to fair trade and natural ingredients. 


Cookie brand Oreo also uses animation in fun and playful ways in adverts which are designed to appeal primarily to children. In Oreo’s ‘Wonderfilled’ advert, the brand takes various recognizable fairytales and wonders how they might change with the inclusion of Oreo cookies. Presented in a striking animation style alongside a lively narrative song by electronic artist Owl City, the ad focuses on the elements of imagination and sharing. The ad also features thematic typography which emphasizes interactive elements of the story as well as the brand identity and product. 


Team communication platform Slack uses animation to show how their product can simplify the chaos of the workday. Slack’s ‘Work, Simplified’ ad stands out for its ‘simple complexity’ and striking use of color and geometric shapes. The use of one continuous take/camera panning combined with more elaborate backgrounds works to clearly and effectively convey their message. The ad emphasizes how Slack and help illuminate and ease your work day in recognisable and relatable ways. 

As you can see, animated video can be a powerful tool in advertising, offering a unique blend of creativity, engagement, and versatility. By leveraging vibrant visuals, dynamic storytelling, and emotional resonance, animated ads can capture audience attention and leave lasting impressions. 

They break down complex ideas into easily digestible content, making them ideal for explaining products, services, or concepts in a compelling way. Alternatively, animation allows creators to explore the limitless possibilities of imaginative scenarios and characters. 

As brands continue to recognize the value of engaging, high-quality animated content, the influence of animated advertising in shaping video creation will only grow stronger, driving the evolution of digital marketing and storytelling. We hope our selection of animated advertisements has helped to inspire your video content creation and helps you to create your own effective animated advertising with VideoScribe. 

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