5 types of video every business can benefit from

Posted by Louise Greaves on May 23, 2023
Louise Greaves

If you’re reading this you probably already know that video needs to be an essential part of your marketing strategy. After all, your audience will retain 95% of your message if they watch a video compared to just 10% of text. I’ll just let that sink in for a second... 95% versus 10%! 

However, video is a very broad category. It can be daunting to just be told, you need to create videos now! So let us inspire you with 5 types of video that can benefit every business. 

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1. Introduction / your story

Video is the perfect way to give a quick introduction to your business or product. Showcase what makes you unique, your team, and the problems you solve. Keep it short, no more than a minute. This video is a great ice-breaker via email, on your about us page on your website and can be shared across social media. 

To make it really easy for you, we’ve created a “your story” video template. Simply swap the logo, colors, add your business info and boom a lovely video. 

Access this template on VideoScribe for you Browser here

2. Case study or testimonial

As humans we’re easily influenced by what our peers love. I’m sure dogs are too, but not many of them read this blog. A happy customer is a powerful thing. Video testimonials provide fantastic social proof for prospects considering your product or service. Transform your reviews, testimonials and case studies into persuasive animated videos. We’ve created a template for this too...

Access this template on VideoScribe for you Browser here

3. Explainer video

Explainer videos are exactly what they sound like, videos that succinctly explain something. You can use them to explain how your product works, or what your processes are if you’re a service business. 

They’re especially fantastic fodder for your content marketing. According to HubSpot's 'State of Video Marketing' report, explainer videos are the second most commonly created video with an overwhelming majority of people (96%) report watching an explainer video to learn more about product, with 89% being persuaded to purchase

VideoScribe customer, Coozyn, created this video explaining to their customers how to make money reviewing food:

One of our most popular explainer video templates is this whiteboard animation template.

4. Presentation video

In our increasingly virtual world we are often sharing vital information with colleagues, customers, partners and prospects without ever seeing them face to face. As we learned at the top viewers retain 95% of a message when they see it as a video versus only 10% if they have to read it on screen. So don't rely on email or a boring presentation to convey your important messages. Use our animated presentation video template, and make sure to record a voiceover to really bring it to life. 

5. Occasions and Seasonal greetings

Give your customers the warm and fuzzies, and let them know you’re thinking about them on this special day. Whether that’s their birthday, Valentine’s, Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, Mother’s Day or Halloween. The possibilities are endless. You’ll always find relevant seasonal video templates in VideoScribe. Here’s a recent example celebrating Easter. 

Now we’ve inspired you, what will you make first? Share your creations using #MadeWithVideoScribe so we can see. 

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