5 Creative video holiday assignment ideas to keep students engaged

Posted by Naomi Linford on November 24, 2021
Naomi Linford

Even in the short time students are away on holiday, the knowledge that you’ve helped them to build up can start to fade.

Which makes getting students back on track afterwards a challenge. This is particularly problematic if you’re heading into exam season and want to make sure your students have the best chance of success!

To keep learnings fresh in their mind, it’s crucial that students continue to engage with the subject material. So what holiday assignment can you set that’s going to be achievable, fun and productive?

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite ideas that use video to boost creativity, help students learn key digital skills, and keep your lesson content front of mind!

1. Video summary of what students learnt that semester

One of the best ways to solidify understanding is to present it back. In order to explain a subject to someone else, we have to fully understand it.

With that in mind, set your students the challenge of summarizing the top three things they learnt that semester in a video to present back to class. Each of your students will have a slightly different take on this which helps accelerate group learning. All of the video files can then be shared with the class for ready made revision material.

2. Observational video project

To keep your students’ minds fresh, try setting them a longer-term observational project. This doesn't have to relate to the curriculum but could test their observational skills, record making and analysis. 

For instance, students could track changing temperatures and environmental factors over the course of the holiday period and compare them to the year or decade before. Using graphs and charts in VideoScribe to illustrate their findings. Of course this is just one example, your students can get creative and pick different topics depending on what they're interested in. 

3. Animated video holiday diary

Put a new spin on this classic holiday activity for younger students. Instead of a hand-written diary, why not ask your class to share their favorite memory from the holiday in an animated video?

VideoScribe is so easy to use that even young children can drag and drop images onto the canvas for great effect. This makes it a really accessible activity for children of all ages and abilities. Plus your marking just got a whole lot quicker and more enjoyable!

4. Video New Year’s resolutions

Whether you love them or hate them, you can’t deny that setting resolutions forces you to reflect on what went well during the year and what you want to achieve next.

During the busy semester, students probably don’t have time to fully reflect on where they want to be. However, the holidays are the perfect time to think about courses, careers, and college and set objectives that they can focus on throughout the coming year.

To help your students reflect, ask them to create an animated video of their New Year’s resolutions. Videos are great for this as you can use images and pictures to help visualise your goals and can be played throughout the year to boost motivation.

5. Video revision resources

Lastly, if you are headed into exam season in the New Year, help your students to prepare with videos that are proven to improve information retention by up to 15%.

We know that associating new information with existing knowledge is the key to quick learning and videos help you do just that. You wouldn’t forget historical events if you could see the story playing out before your eyes!

Ask each student to each take a section of your textbook or lesson material and create an animated video summarizing the key points. These can then be compiled into one set of videos to share with the whole class, making revision a lot faster and more fun.

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