4 Video tools to boost employee happiness and motivation

Posted by Naomi Linford on March 21, 2022
Naomi Linford

We all know your employees are your strongest asset. They're the brains, the creatives, the innovators and the fun of work! Which is why ensuring your teams feel empowered, happy and as valuable as they are is so important. But the last year hasn't made that easy with constantly changing COVID-19 rules and regulations and lots of employees juggling work with caring responsibilities and home-schooling. 

So, what can you do to support employees this Spring? Read on to discover four ways you can boost satisfaction, morale and happiness with video 🙌

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Celebrate achievements and news

New starter welcome celebrate news video template

Do you have a new face joining your team? Maybe a colleague got a promotion, landed a big client or completed their professional training? Once you start looking for them, there are often lots of great things to celebrate happening in your organization.

Taking the time to recognize these achievements can really boost employee satisfaction and morale while ensuring they feel just as valued as they are!

Plus, sharing these good news stories with your wider teams is easy with our video templates. We've done all the design work for you - just edit the text and switch out the photo ready to share! You can find this template and lots more just by logging into VideoScribe. 

You could embed this GIF in a company-wide email, share the video version on social media, or upload it to your organization's messaging platform like Slack Microsoft Teams and more. 

Maintain clear and regular communication

As regulations continue to change, your organization's COVID-19 plans and protocols probably do too. Whether you're relaxing rules to start allowing employees back into the workplace, or asking colleagues to continue working from home, keeping teams in the loop is key. 

Once of the best ways to avoid added stress and worry is to be clear and open with your employees. Tell them what changes they can expect and regularly answer FAQs about COVID-19 restrictions and changes. Our suite of professional video templates can help. Instead of starting from scratch each time the restrictions change - you can just log back into VideoScribe and tweak the details. In under 10 minutes you'll have an updated professional-looking video that's eye-catching and informative ready to share with colleagues across your organization. 

office safety checklist clear communication video template

Promote rest and using annual leave

After the year we've had where stress levels have increased due to worry over family and friends, distance from loved ones and the added pressure of home-schooling kids all while working, making time for rest should be a priority! 

Rest is incredibly important as it gives us breathing space to relax and recharge. We can't always be coming up with brand new ideas, putting our all into projects and delivering exceptional results if we're worn down (unless you're superhuman...). So, to get the best out of your employees and boost workplace happiness, it's great to promote taking paid annual leave. 

Lots of employees fall into the trap of thinking they shouldn't be taking time off, but with your encouragement it can feel like a safe, beneficial and encouraged practice. Plus, our out of office video template is a fun way to keep colleagues in the loop about when they'll be on vacation. Pop this on your emails, close the laptop and just breathe! 😌

Have fun with competitions and challenges

Nothing quite bonds a team like a healthy sense of competition. So why not set your teams a challenge to walk a certain amount of steps per day to encourage movement and getting outside with the chance of winning a prize for their team. Of course this is just one example and your competition could be about anything - it's just about having a bit of fun and giving employees the chance to win extra prizes or bonuses while getting to know other colleagues better. 

To promote your challenge - try using our competition template. It's pre-structured to share the details of your event including the steps to enter. Then get sharing on your company intranet, in messaging apps, in emails and more!  

competition win walking challenge video template

So there you have it, four tools that can help you boost employee satisfaction, happiness and morale, regardless of whether they're working from home or back in your workplace. 
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