Why VideoScribe is Glen Rose School's biggest fan

Posted by Ffion Lindsay on October 10, 2019
Ffion Lindsay
school Glen Rose School stadium – where the Lady Tigers' scribe was projected

Glen Rose School in Texas was VideoScribe's first Distinguished School. We caught up with them to find out how using VideoScribe has transformed their learning environment. Glen Rose is a town of 2,500 people in the north east of Texas. It's known for its dinosaur exhibitions and outstanding natural beauty. The school has 1,540 students and teachers across four campuses, taking elementary, middle school and high school age students (age 5-18). Glen Rose prides itself on being very tech-savvy, and 10 teachers from the school volunteered to be the pioneers of VideoScribe in the classroom. Those original 10 have gone on to train many other staff throughout the school. VideoScribe is now being used in every corner of the campus. Frankly, we're amazed at what Glen Rose has been up to. We chatted to Patti Flanary, an Instructional Technologist at the school and one of the first to bring VideoScribe into the classroom. Here are just some of the things Glen Rose has been using VideoScribe for.

Using VideoScribe to promote your school

Scribes are so easy to make that younger students are putting them together in class. Older students, like the girls from the Lady Tigers volleyball team, make scribes from scratch. The highlight for us was definitely hearing about the video of the Glen Rose volleyball team projected on the big screen at the school stadium. It's great to see a scribe video up in lights!

Using VideoScribe in the classroom

VideoScribe in action in the 4th grade classroom. Even young children take to scribing in no time. Working together on an interactive whiteboard makes scribing a fun, tactile experience.

Using VideoScribe on your intranet

One of Patti's first scribes explains the ways that Glen Rose is innovating its classrooms by embracing new technology. Teachers upload their videos to the school intranet so that students can access valuable learning resources from home. VideoScribe is perfect for supporting flipped classrooms, giving the students a chance to consolidate their learning by making their own scribes at home.

Using VideoScribe for learning resources

Can you guess the US monuments? Teachers and students have worked together to produce activities like these to support the students' learning. The results from our AB testing last year showed that young people watching scribe videos were up to twice as likely to remember the answers to questions than students watching regular talking head videos. They also had better recall in 4 out of 5 memory tests.

Innovate your classroom

Thank you Patti and everyone at Glen Rose School for embracing VideoScribe and sending us your wonderful videos. More Glen Rose scribes To find out more about VideoScribe and education,visit our website or contact Naomi at sales@sparkol.com. If you're a teacher already using VideoScribe, we'd love to hear from you via our Facebook or Twitter.

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