Who's that scribing? The UK government!

Posted by Rosie Winter on October 9, 2019
Rosie Winter

governmentscribingSometimes you're working on something complicated and you need to explain it in a simple way. VideoScribe is perfect for this. So we shouldn't be surprised when it happens. But when that person is in the UK government, and uses VideoScribe to talk to a whole country, it still comes as a bit of a shock. George Osborne is the Chancellor for the UK government. He's in charge of £740 billion pounds of tax-payers' money. When it came to the Spending Round this year – explaining how the money will be spent – he thought we could all use a little help understanding what he was on about. So his department, the HM Treasury, made an animation using VideoScribe. Is the Chancellor's scribe any good? It's not up to us to say! But it certainly got attention. Among other newspapers, The Daily Mail picked up the story, running a full length article that included a screenshot and the video in full. We hope that VideoScribe helps you to get your message across, however complicated your subject, and however big your audience. Make a better scribe than the Chancellor of the Exchequer – start your free trial of VideoScribe today.  

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