Whiteboard animation improves learning up to 75%

Posted by Naomi Dunn on October 9, 2019
Naomi Dunn

multimediaA psychologist has shown that students learn better from a combination of audio and images than from audio alone. Tools such as VideoScribe improve the memory recall of students and boost problem solving by 50-75%.

Richard Mayer is a cognitive psychologist. In one study, he divided a classroom into three groups. The first group of students were taught using hearing alone. The second set were taught the same information using only sight. The third set were taught the same information using both hearing and sight.

Each time the experiment was run, the groups in multisensory environments (hearing and sight) performed better than the other groups. They had more accurate recall. Their recall had better resolution. And it lasted longer.

From this study, Mayer claims that multisensory learning improved problem solving by 50-75%.

Key principle – words and pictures together

In Multi-Media Learning (2nd Edition, Cambridge University Press 2009), Mayer writes that 'the key principle behind multimedia learning is that students learn better from audio and images than audio alone'.

He also suggest that:

  • Students learn better when corresponding words and pictures are presented simultaneously
  • Students learn better when corresponding words and pictures are presented in close proximity
  • Students learn better when extraneous material is excluded rather than included
  • Students learn better from animation and narration than from animation and on-screen text

VideoScribe is designed to provide all of these benefits to students. Scribe videos bring audio and images together for simultaneous presentation. They are presented at the same distance, unlike a whiteboard and text book which are far apart. And teachers can add voiceover narration to their animations to improve learning even more.

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