VideoScribe's year in review: 2022

Posted by Ashden Walker on December 26, 2022
Ashden Walker

And just like that... 2022 is drawing to a close! But not without us celebrating everything that we achieved this year. We've seen stacks of new features arrive in VideoScribe - from new scene transitions, to the ability to generate share links to third parties - our list is long 🎉

Plus, who can forget the launch of VideoScribe for your browser - watch our highlights video to see everything that was made possible in 2022 thanks to you!

In case you missed it, we recently wrote an article celebrating some of the latest feature releases in VideoScribe for your browser. You can read the full piece by clicking this link.

Most popular templates

This year's most popular templates aligned themselves with our iconic whiteboard animation style. We saw two of the three templates featuring the iconic white background, with the hand-drawn animation style used. In order of popularity, the most popular templates were:

  1. Whiteboard - Explainer Collage 
  2. Mind Map
  3. Your Story

Most popular font

In 2022, you guys chose and we saw... 'Patrick Hand' came in as the most popular font used. According to Google:

Patrick Hand is a font based on the designer's own handwriting. It is developed to bring an impressive and useful handwriting effect to your texts

We love it, and clearly you do too!

Most popular music tracks 

Did you know that with VideoScribe for your desktop you gain access to stacks and stacks of royalty-free music? No extra fees, no need for licensing - the tracks are in there ready for you to choose from. And in 2022, your top picks were mixed between genres... we saw Easy Listening, Rock, Jazz, and Funk. Such a mixed bag! In order of preference, you guys chose:

  1. Bright Shining
  2. Beg Your Pardon
  3. Class Act

Cheers to 2022, and here's to another fabulous year in 2023 🎉 If you haven't already signed up for a free trial of VideoScribe, take advantage of our 7 day offer today! For 7 days, you can trial VideoScribe and create animated videos and GIFs. What are you waiting for?

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