Tokyo 2020 animated video kit: new templates and images

Posted by Naomi Linford on November 4, 2021
Naomi Linford

The long-awaited Tokyo 2020 Games are nearly here! The very best athletes in the world will soon be landing in Tokyo to compete for the ultimate sporting prize - their own gold medals 🥇

To help you join in the fun, cheer on your teams, host your own events, and engage students, colleagues and customers, we've created a complete Tokyo 2020 animation kit. Packed with brand new video templates and images to help you make world-class videos almost as fast as Usain Bolt... 😂 Read on to discover all the new additions 🙌

All of the new assets mentioned in this blog are ready and waiting for you in VideoScribe. To get your hands on them, log into VideoScribe or start a free 7-day trial today (no credit card details needed) 👇 You can find all our templates by clicking 'Template Scribes' on the left side of your screen - happy animating!

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Sporting images: athletics, cycling, swimming and more!

One of the key elements of any stand-out animation is high quality imagery. To help you tell animated stories in style we're highlighting all the olympics and sport themed professionally designed images in the VideoScribe library. You can find these in the 'Sport' folder or by searching for key words like 'swimming'. 

Plus, you can change the colors in all of these images, giving you greater flexibility and allowing you to tailor images to your team or brand colors 💥

Tokyo 2020 Celebration Template

We're kicking our new templates off with this animated celebration. It's the perfect simple but eye-catching video to cheer your team on, wish competitors luck and remind your audiences to tune in. 

As with all of our templates, each element is customizable so don't be afraid to add more images, edit the text and switch up the colors to suit your message, brand or preferences. Then just hit publish to get sharing across social media, your website, in emails (learn how to add video to emails here), in person or even via messaging platforms like WhatsApp. 

Five Animated Fun Facts Template

Next up is our themed explainer template. In this case we've shared five fun facts about the games but you could use this format to explain anything from how your organization is celebrating, the rules at your school Sports Day or how your themed social media competition will work. 

Just double click on the text boxes and images to edit them to suit your needs. It's as simple as that! What will you use this template for?

Winners Podium Template

Now it's time to celebrate the incredible achievements of your favorite athletes! Use our podium template to congratulate the winners of key events from heptathlon to swimming or basketball.

Whatever sport you're following, just edit the title text and drag and drop the winner's flags onto the podium. You'll find more flags available in the VideoScribe library - just click the add image button and search for the winning country. You could also take this one step further and upload photos of the athletes alongside their flag or add a personal message of congratulations. 

Sporting Animated Quiz Template

Ready to test your olympics knowledge?! This quiz template is just what you need. It's ready-made with five themed questions that you can use in your classroom, with colleagues or as a social media challenge.

Want to add your own spin? Just edit our question and answer boxes to share your quiz questions. Plus, don't feel like you have to stop at five questions - just copy and paste the background and text boxes to extend the quiz fun!  

Games Watch Party Invite Template

Last but by no means least we have our watch party invite template. Tokyo 2020 is a great opportunity to get together with friends, colleagues or even customers to watch the best athletes in the world perform. 

Use our template to help spread the word about your plans and start stocking up on the snacks! 🍿

And that's a wrap! You're ready to celebrate Tokyo 2020 in style with our range of new images and templates. To get animating today, just start a free 7-day trial (no credit card needed) or join our creative community as VideoScribe subscriber 👇

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