The Ultimate Guide to Onboarding Employees with Animated Video

Posted by Clemmy Ralph on July 20, 2023
Clemmy Ralph

It's time to say goodbye to boring onboarding slideshows and say hello to captivating and memorable animated videos! There's nothing worse than trying to engage your new employees but they're zoning out before you've clicked 'play slideshow'. That's where animated video comes in. It's the perfect tool to create onboarding materials that your employees will enjoy using.

But, it's not just for the onboarding stage. You can also use animated video on your social media channels to recruit new employees. Not only will it capture attention, it's likely to be shared widely and reach a bigger audience, meaning more candidates for your role!

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Transform your employee onboarding and recruitment with animated video

In April, Clemmy and Hayley from the VideoScribe team hosted a webinar session all about using animated video to level up your onboarding and recruitment using video. The recording of this session can be found below πŸ‘‡

Why use animated video for onboarding

There are many reasons why animated video is a great tool to add to your employee onboarding toolkit, let's go through a few of those reasons below πŸ‘‡

Engage new employees

One of the main benefits of using video for your onboarding is the ability to engage your new starters easily. The combination of visuals and audio keeps your audience engaged and entertained. No-one likes to sit through boring and dry onboarding slideshow presentations, so by creating onboarding videos, you can keep your new starters engaged throughout the process.

Check out our onboarding slideshow video template below. This is a great starting point to help your new starters understand more about your company, the benefits they'll receive and their colleagues πŸ‘‡

Access anywhere

New employees have the convenience of revisiting the videos whenever they need to review any information they have learned. Furthermore, the videos can be easily accessed on various devices, making them readily available.

Easily customized

Onboarding videos offer the ability to tailor content to meet the requirements of various departments within the organization. This ensures each team receives the specific information they need to excel, making onboarding videos a valuable tool for onboarding.

Cost-effective and time-saving

Utilizing animated video eliminates the need for outsourcing onboarding tasks. With VideoScribe's budget-friendly subscription options, you can easily create engaging videos that require minimal employee participation. This allows new hires to be more independent, ultimately saving your team valuable time.

Video ideas for employee onboarding

Now you know why animated video is such a great tool for onboarding, it's time to start planning what types of videos you can create for new starters. Let's go through a few ideas below to get your creative juices flowing!

Company overview

Give your new starters an overview of the company. You can tell them more about when it was founded, who your customers are, share details on your products or services and tell your company story.

To help tell your company story with new employees, you could use our 'Your Story' video template as a starting point. Simply edit it with the relevant text and add in your own images to bring it to life! πŸ‘‡

New starter introduction

Get your new starter to create an animated video all about themselves which they can share in an all-company meeting to introduce themselves to the rest of the company. This is a great way to break the ice and help everyone in the company learn more about their new employee.

Company culture and benefits overview

Do you host awesome monthly social events? Do you have a great vacation allowance? Tell your new starters the things they have to look forward to when they join your company. 

To help you get started, use our 'Slideshow Presentation' template which you can customize to make it relevant for any purpose πŸ‘‡

Security policies 

Talking about security procedures may not be fun, but by using animated video you can make it more engaging and memorable for your employees.

The below 'Digital Security' video template can be customized with your own company policies to ensure employees understand the responsibilities they have with keeping your organization safe πŸ‘‡

Why use animated video for recruitment?

Now we've covered the reasons you should be using video for onboarding, let's discuss the reasons why you should be using video for recruitment purposes. 

Capture candidate's attention faster

Animated video is a lot more eye-catching than just using static images, so by sharing videos to advertise your job roles on social media you’ll capture the attention of your intended audiences much faster. 

More engagement on social media

Social media is full of exciting and captivating content making it hard to stand out in such a crowded and competitive space. But, by using animated video, you can make yourself stand out amongst the competition. Videos are more likely to be shared on social media so your job posting is going to reach more candidates.

Showcase your company

By adding your branding into your videos you can effectively tell viewers more about your company. You can share more in a video than you can in a static image meaning you could even add in some of your company benefits, for example vacation allowance and social events, to make your job role more appealing to potential candidates. 

Simplify complex job roles

If the job role you're hiring for is slightly more complex than your standard vacancy, using a video will help you break down the information in a clear and easy to read format. An image or plain text isn't going to make it easier to understand, and not many people will absorb the information, but with a video they’re much more likely to retain and understand the information.

Top tips for compelling animated recruitment adverts


Keep your videos short and snappy

To maximize engagement on social media, it's crucial to keep your animated videos short but impactful. By grabbing your audience's attention quickly, you'll increase engagement and the potential of attracting more candidates.

Use fun animation styles

With VideoScribe for browser, you have the power to captivate your audience through emphasis animation. By incorporating exciting animation styles, you can make your video shine on social media platforms.

Include a call to action

Make sure to provide a clear call to action in your videos, guiding your audience to the right place to apply for your job openings. It's crucial for candidates to know where to go, so including a call to action will ensure that you're effectively directing them to take the next step.

Highlight how your company will benefit the candidate

Instead of solely focusing on your company's needs, make sure to showcase how the candidate's professional development will be enhanced by joining your organization. Highlight the valuable skills, knowledge, and growth opportunities that your company can provide to attract top talent.


And that brings us to the end of our guide to employee onboarding and recruitment with animated video. Let us know in the comments which tips and tricks you'll be taking away to use in your own business πŸ‘‡


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