6 New storytelling, explainer video and COVID-19 templates

Posted by Naomi Linford on November 8, 2021
Naomi Linford

We know there’s a brilliant storyteller in everyone but sometimes you just need a little help unlocking your superpower. Which is where our brand new professional-quality eye-catching video templates come in!

These templates give you the perfect ready-made platform to tell your story and engage your audience. We've developed these 6 new templates to cover a range of different styles and topics based on your feedback. You love our explainer video and whiteboard style animations so we thought it was only right we add some more options to the mix and expand this range. We hope you like them! ✨

Our templates are ready and waiting for you in VideoScribe. If you already have a VideoScribe subscription, just login and click ‘Template Scribes’ on the left hand side to access these templates and more. Or if you’re new to VideoScribe, start a free 7-day trial to use them 👇Read on to find out more about each of these templates and see them in action.

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Your journey video template

We're kicking things off with our brand new road trip template - after all, who doesn't love a road trip!? This is your chance to show where your journey started, how it's progressed, where you are now, and everything you've learned along the way. 

Not only is this template structured in a logical and clear way to help tell your story, but it also features beautiful background scenes that will keep your audience engaged. Plus, customizing this template to make it your own is easy! Just double click to edit the text or adjust the colors of images - it's that simple! 

7-Point narrative whiteboard story template

Looking to explain your idea, business or product? We have just the thing! We designed this circular whiteboard story template to help you clearly and effectively communicate your message in 7 key steps. 

As you can see in the video, the story builds from a problem the main character is facing, into your proposed solution and the outcome for your character. It creates a really engaging narrative to help your audience empathize with the situation and see themselves in the video. 

Again, editing this template is as simple as double clicking on the elements to edit text, swap images or update colors. You could also apply more of your company branding to this template by adding your logo and company colors.  

7-Point progress whiteboard story template

If it's change and progress you want to illustrate then you'll love our linear whiteboard story template. This template uses eye-catching imagery and bold colors to draw your audience in and tell the story of how you've gone from zero to WOW. 

It's split into 7 sections to help structure your journey but as all of our templates are completely editable you could cut this down to fewer sections or add more to share extra detail. 

Self care reminder video template

Alongside our storytelling and explainer video templates, we also wanted to give you some extra resources to help manage the continued COVID-19 changes. The first of these is a quick little self care reminder. 

Lots of us have been working from home for over a year now and while we've mastered the art of the Zoom call, it's still easy to slip into bad habits and not look after ourselves properly. So to help you, your team or friends and family take care of their physical and mental health, we created this cute little reminder video. 

The beauty of the template is that you can change the tips in our floating clouds to suit you, so don't be afraid to give this video your own flair and have fun with it! Once you're ready to share your creation, just download it to share in emails, on your website, on your company intranet or messaging platform or on social media.

Coronavirus public advice video template

There are also precautions we need to keep taking to protect ourselves and others from spreading COVID-19. Our public advice template can help you remind customers, colleagues and friends and family what these measures are. Plus, it's easy to update the boxes if guidance does change again.

The information we've used in this template comes from the World Health Organization and is up-to-date for April 2021. 

Coronavirus stay safe video template

Last but by no means least, we've also updated the information in our stay safe template to reflect changes in World Health Organization advice. You'll see specifically advice on symptoms to look for and precautions to take have been updated and are correct as of April 2021. 

As with all of our templates - you can use as much or as little of them as you like. For instance, if you just love the background of this template then use that for your video and build your own story. They're completely flexible and tailorable to you and your needs. 

There we have it, all the latest templates and tools to make telling your story easier, quicker and more impactful. Which template was your favorite? Comment and let us know 😊

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