Your Ultimate Guide to VideoScribe's Marketing Templates

Posted by Amiee PreFontaine on April 24, 2024
Amiee PreFontaine

 We know the various challenges businesses often face when it comes to creating and executing effective marketing content. Whether it be time constraints, limited budget, or expertise; competing in the fast-moving and ever-changing marketplace can be a struggle. 

With VideoScribe, freshening up your digital marketing content couldn’t be easier with our templates, specifically designed with your marketing needs in mind! We have the resources and know-how to help you create eye-catching content to help showcase your brand,  target the right audience, and stand out in an oversaturated marketplace. 

Keep reading for your ultimate guide to our marketing templates and try them out for yourself with a 7-day free trial from VideoScribe. 

Product/Feature/Service Promotion

Promote your business and win over clients with our Product/Service Promotion template. Showcase your brand, product, or the services you offer in an eye-catching presentation format. Our template presents your offerings in three stages and includes a space for client testimonials so you can show off your strengths to potential clients or buyers. 


Your Story

Storytelling is a powerful tool in marketing that allows brands to engage, connect, and resonate with their audience on a more profound level, ultimately driving brand awareness, loyalty, and growth. Help us improve the storytelling around your business with one of our story templates, optimized for social media. Share the narrative surrounding your business and connect with your customer base. 


Social Media Story Business Card

Our virtual business card is the perfect way to promote yourself or your business online. Show off your services and skills and personalize this template with your own brand colors and fonts. Guaranteed to be more memorable than your typical business card, share this template on your social media stories and add it as a highlight so a summary of your expertise and contact details are available at the click of a button.

Social Media Story Business Card

Job Vacancy Advert

Advertise your job vacancy with our Vacancy Advert template. Designed with social media in mind, turn heads with this compelling animated job advertisement. List your role, job details, and contact information, and find the perfect candidate for you. We have two modern and sleek style hiring templates for you to choose from. 

Job Vacancy 2

Join Our Masterclass

Promote your masterclass, webinar, or special event with our Masterclass Template. A perfect fit for social media stories, our template's minimalist and professional design ensures you can get your information across in an inviting and engaging manner. Alternatively, make your announcement more playful with our Online Course template which incorporates more bright colors and animation to suit your brand personality. 

Join Our Masterclass

Social Media Templates

There is plenty more to discover with our library of social media templates. Unlock your marketing potential, whether it be a quick announcement on Instagram stories or a square grid post. We have social media templates for sale promotions, infographics, events, and so much more, that can be personalized to suit you and your business. 

You can preview all our marketing templates on the Business and Marketing Templates tab. You can also check out even more templates ideal for social media use on our Instagram Posts or Social Media Reels and Stories tab. 

Sale Promotion - Instagram Reel

Still need more marketing inspiration? Check out our blog 4 Tips for Marketing Success with VideoScribe and unlock your business's full potential with the power of animated video! 

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