How to use VideoScribe with Powerpoint, Keynote and Prezi

Posted by Max Randall on May 24, 2021
Max Randall

We love the fact that VideoScribe users are thinking up new and exciting ways of combining their scribes with existing software. For those of you that haven't had a go yet, we've put together these quick video tutorials so you can combine VideoScribe with your favourite presentation software. VideoScribe can be incorporated into any software that supports video files.

VideoScribe with Powerpoint

This simple presentation is a combination of the title options in Powerpoint, with scribe videos created and embedded to illustrate the points. It is easier to create short scribe videos about individual points and then use them on different slides, as opposed to having one long scribe and pausing and playing it to show different points. If you are used to using Powerpoint in your presentations at work then this is a great way to impress your boss, win that pitch or just communicate an idea more effectively by adding VideoScribe. Adding your scribe to Powerpoint

  • Once you have created the scribe, simply render it as an MOV file and save it to your computer. Go to your chosen slide in Powerpoint, select 'Insert' from the menu bar, go down to 'Movie', then 'Movie from file' and select your rendered scribe.
  • To have the video start playing automatically in this Powerpoint, first select the video, choose 'Animations' from the toolbar options above and then the 'Play' option, under 'Emphasis Effects'. This will make the video play during the presentation. To have it start on its own simply go to the 'Animation options' and from the drop down menu in 'Timing' select 'After previous' (instead of 'On click'). Select the number of seconds you want between the previous element and the video.

VideoScribe with Prezi

The process for using VideoScribe with Prezi is similar to that with Powerpoint. Again, we used Prezi for the main titles and subjects of the presentation and then scribe videos to explain these points. Prezi makes creating a presentation with a solid structure incredibly simple. The movement from one area to another serves as break from one idea to the next, just as separate slides do in Powerpoint. Adding your scribe to Prezi

  • This time we rendered our scribes as FLV files (you can use MOV but we found FLVs uploaded a little quicker). In Prezi we selected the area we wanted the video, so that the camera moved into that part. We then clicked the 'Insert' button above the canvas, then 'From file (PDF, video)…' and selected the FLV or MOV file.

VideoScribe with Keynote

Scribes can be added just as easily to Mac software as Windows.  Adding your scribe to Keynote

  • On your chosen slide in Keynote, select 'Insert' from the menu bar, scroll down to 'Choose…', and select the MOV file of your rendered scribe.
  • To have the video start playing automatically in your Keynote, select the video, choose 'Inspector' from the toolbar options above and then select the 'Build in' option. When the new slide starts and the title has moved in, the video will start playing a second after.

  VideoScribe can also be used with: eLearning software

  • Adobe Captivate
  • Articulate Storyline
  • Lectora Inspire

Other presentation software

  • Apache OpenOffice
  • Animoto
  • GoAnimate

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