How to make political waves with a single video

Posted by Gabriel Smy on October 10, 2019
Gabriel Smy

A teacher has found herself in a private meeting with the Minister for Education after a scribe video she made went viral. What started as an animation about the pressures of being a teacher has turned into a conversation with decision-makers about education policy. Karl Kataoka works at the Swedish Teachers' Union. He stunned us this week by writing to us about a former colleague:

"Karin Berg used VideoScribe to describe the situation of a Swedish Secondary School teacher and how her work environment has turned teaching nearly impossible. Her film was spread at great speed and it lead her to a televised debate with the Swedish minister of education and later to a 75-minute private meeting with the minister. She's become somewhat a celebrity in the school realm."

You can see the televised debate online. Please note: it plays automatically and is in Swedish. Karl describes VideoScribe as a "perfect for tool for the flipped classroom". He arranged successful workshops with Karin to share VideoScribe with other teachers from around the country. And the campaigning teacher is not stopping there. She has got the ear of the Education Minister. Karin's next goal is to create another VideoScribe to take her message to the whole Riksdag – the Swedish Parliament. Videos spread. VideoScribes have impact. If an ordinary teacher can end up talking to her government about education – what could a scribe video do for you? Try VideoScribe completely free and find out!  

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