How to choose the right video layout for you

Posted by Naomi Linford on May 4, 2020
Naomi Linford

The beauty of VideoScribe is that we provide you with the perfect blank canvas to fill and shape with your ideas. 

But when the video possibilities are endless, where do you start?

The answer is, with a layout. Composing your video in a layout that makes sense for your topic and your audience helps you stay on track and improves your audience’s experience.

When it comes to choosing the right layout for your video, there are four main options to pick from. We’ll discuss each of them in this blog along with top use cases and our tips for a successful video.

Considerations for Choosing your Video Layout

  • Have you planned your video from start to finish? If you haven’t then do this now, you can only decide on a layout once you know how many scenes you’ll have. For our advice and tips on effective video planning, click here
  • How long will your video be? Shorter videos that only have a couple of scenes don’t need such a defined structure. Use the techniques in this blog for longer videos of 4 scenes or more.
  • Finally, all of these layouts require you to know how to set the camera and create a scene in VideoScribe. If you don’t already know how to do this, click here to find out how

Efficient Video Layout

As the name suggests this first option is all about making the best use of the full canvas space. With that in mind, your scenes are structured like a board game where you start in the top left hand corner and work across and then down, repeating until your video is complete.

Example of VideoScribe Video In Efficient LayoutThe video then plays zooming into each scene in turn as it progresses. This composition is great if you want to be able to zoom out and show all of the information in your video in one view. It’s also the perfect style for illustrating processes in a logical flow, especially if they’re a little longer.  

If you want to get started experimenting with an efficient layout, our video template can help. Click here to find out more and use this template. You can also find more help on creating this layout on our support page

Vertical Video Layout

As you can see this second layout does not use the canvas in such an efficient way. With that in mind, this style of video is more suited to those that end on the last scene, rather than zooming out to see the whole video.

Example VideoScribe Video In Vertical Layout

A vertical layout is great for telling stories or presenting information with an underlying message of rising up or sinking down. For instance, if your video is about steps to success, progressing your career or teaching students about the atmosphere then a video that moves upwards will reinforce your message. 

Likewise, if you’re diving into the detail of a product or report, teaching students about different types of rock or using an under the sea theme, a downward moving video is perfect.

If you want to get started with a vertical layout, our video template can help. Click here to find out more and use this template. You can also find more help on creating this layout on our support page

Horizontal Video Layout

A horizontal layout is arguably the simplest style to present information that will be most easily understood by your audience. 

Example VideoScribe Video In Horizontal Style Layout

With that in mind, horizontal layouts are a brilliant option for explainer videos and video marketing where you might only have a short amount of time to persuade your audience. 

You might also use this layout to tell stories because it creates a feeling of time passing, each new scene can appear like a new day or year. 

Our recent video about how to plan a killer explainer video is a great example of this style of layout in action. You can also find more help on creating this layout on our support page

Centralized Video Layout

Think of this last layout as your video mind map or spider diagram. It’s all about a central idea, problem or theme that the rest of your content expands from. 

Example VideoScribe Video In Centralized Style Layout

This video layout is perfect for visualising brainstorms, explaining more complex topics and communicating relationships between information and ideas. 

Our video template is a perfect example of this layout in action. Click here to find out more and use this template.

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