How the Education Authority empowered their teachers with our Enterprise Solution Package

Posted by Ashden Walker on November 4, 2021
Ashden Walker

All of our users have a story, and we’re proud that with VideoScribe, we can help share that story in an engaging animated format. And with our team subscriptions, businesses and organizations have a tool that helps share their presentations in more magical and meaningful ways. Why are we telling you all this? Because our client, the Education Authority in Northern Ireland, reached out to us specifically to provide support to their teachers as a result of the impacts from COVID-19. That’s where our Solution Packages came in. And quite honestly, this case study shows just how reactive and supportive the Education Authority was during the COVID-19 crisis (nice one guys). 

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Who is the Education Authority (EA)?

EA is responsible for ensuring that efficient and effective primary and secondary education services are available to meet the needs of children and young people. They also provide support for the provision of efficient and effective youth services. Pretty awesome, huh?

Just like EA, at VideoScribe we love inspiring everyday people to share their stories through the power of animation, and with their vision to “to inspire, support and challenge all our children and young people to be the best that they can be”, we knew it was a perfect match.

The problem EA faced

EA was specifically tasked with providing support for teachers by ensuring they were well equipped with the processes and tools required to provide the best education for their students.

Even before COVD-19 restrictions came into play, EA was looking into new innovative ways of communicating that would minimize travel, and provide information to teachers concisely. The national-wide lockdown simply accelerated this need. Teachers needed support more than ever, especially since the majority had not dealt with remote teaching before. 

The solution

PowerPoints and Word documents just weren’t cutting it. They lacked the visual excitement needed to inspire their community, so they went in search of a tool that would be engaging, fun to use, and easy to learn. That's where VideoScribe came in, and our Solution Packages became the hero. EA chose our Enterprise Solution Package option as it gave them just what they needed to get started, but also provided the training and customized packages to get them hitting the ground running. This included:

  • 1x full day professional development VideoScribe workshop, custom-created for their team
  • 2x VideoScribe templates created in their company branding
  • 1x company logo animated for use in VideoScribe by Sparkol Studio


By choosing our Enterprise Solution Package, EA hoped that by training their teachers in using VideoScribe, the teachers would in turn be inspired to use the tool themselves and adopt the output in their own lessons. But what we love most about this case study is the feedback we had from EA. Check out their testimonial below:

Open quotation marks VideoScribe highlight imageLike all organisations, we in the Education Authority, Northern Ireland, have been challenged with finding new ways of working around the impact of Covid-19. We had to seek ways of continuing to provide teacher professional learning opportunities and governor support modules online, in an engaging and informative way. Videoscribe has afforded us the opportunity to produce engaging content to assist in delivering online learning and communication of key messages.

The software is easy to use, both in creating, editing and in exporting video. Jonny delivered an excellent training programme for our staff also, highlighting his incredible knowledge of the software. Lisa, Alastair and the team communicated effectively with us to ensure our logo and corporate branding was incorporated in our template scribes. We look forward to using the software over the coming year, and developing our skill-set.Close quotation marks VideoScribe highlight image

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