Happy International Women's Day animated video templates

Posted by Naomi Linford on March 1, 2023
Naomi Linford

March 8th is a day dedicated to the celebration of women and raising awareness of women's rights around the globe. From pioneers in science and technology to those working for gender and racial equality, it's an opportunity to reflect on the incredible impact women have on our world 🌍 

To help you join in the celebrations and conversations we've created two brand new animated video templates. Both fully customizable, our templates not only highlight the occasion but also shine a light on some of the most impactful women in history. Read on to see them in action! 

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Happy International Women's Day video template

Our first template is bold, bright and unmissable! Perfect for celebrating the day with friends, family, colleagues or your community. As all of our images and backgrounds are customizable you could change the colors to suit your own personal style or brand. 

Plus, our template is just the start, you could expand on it with your own personalized message by editing the text or adding more. Or why not share how you're celebrating the day at your workplace or in your school.

'Women who changed the world' animated template

Our second template is all about celebrating women who achieved incredible things. In this case we've included pioneers like Marie Curia and Rosa Parks but you could make this a lot more personal and share the women who've changed your life. Whether it's teachers, members of your family or community or mentors in your career, use this as a platform to celebrate them! 

Adding more incredible women or customizing our list is as easy as double clicking. Just click the text or images to edit them or upload your own. Boom, just like that you have a striking custom animation 💥

Ideas for sharing these templates

Sharing on social media 

As these templates are so bold and striking they're the perfect content to share on social media to wish your community a happy International Women's Day. Just download your video as an MP4 to share on YouTube and Facebook or download as a GIF to publish on Twitter and Linked. Plus, for extra engagement why not add a question into your video. For example asking your followers to nominate a woman they admire!

Sharing with colleagues via email

Women's Day is an awesome time to champion the female leaders in your business, offer additional career and progression support and showcase the incredible results women achieve. One way to communicate these is through email. To share this message via email  simply download your video as a GIF directly in VideoScribe for browser. You can then add that extra movement into your emails by embedding the GIF. Perfect for attracting more attention and celebrating the day with your teams. 

Sharing with students in class

Women's Day is also a chance to educate students of all ages on influential women in history and the work still to be done to achieve gender equality. To share either of these templates in your class, simply add the video to your presentation, export your video into PowerPoint or play it directly from your computer.

Happy International Women's Day! 💟

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