Free video grader | How does your animation score?

Posted by Clemmy Ralph on September 11, 2023
Clemmy Ralph

Ever wondered how your video would score if it were graded? Well now you can know for sure! Take our quick free test to see whether your animation would be winning top marks. 

We built this video grader with a series of questions based on our experience of what makes a stand out animation. Click below to take the quiz and get your video grade. Good luck! 🤞

Free video grader | Discover your animation score!


How to improve your video score

If you didn't get the perfect score you were hoping for, there's no need to stress. Here are four quick tips that can help you quickly level up your animation. 

Tip 1: Have one clear objective in mind

One of the common pitfalls when making any kind of video is trying to cover too many bases. For instance you've probably seen explainer videos that not only detail what the company does but where they're based, how many staff they have, their mission and values and then finally how you can buy their products...

Leaving you wondering "do they want me to become a customer or apply for a job?". Trying to share too much information with multiple objectives can leave your audience confused quickly. 

So before you start making any animation, take a minute to define exactly what you want your video to achieve. It could be that you want viewers to make a purchase, students to score better in an end of class test or you want to boost job applications. Whatever it is, pick something that's clear, simple and measurable. That way, not only are you more likely to push your audience towards that goal, but you can be sure of the results you've achieved. 

Tip 2: Keep your audience in focus

Now this might sound like an obvious one but it's easy to let your own personal thoughts and preferences creep into your video through the script, storyboard and choice of animations. But remember, your audience are unlikely to know everything you do about your subject. So if in doubt, pair your content back. 

Few things will switch your audience off more than irrelevant details or complex information that goes over their head. Don't forget, you can always test run content with friends, colleagues or family to see if they agree.  

Tip 3: Show them, don't tell them!

The power of animation is that it combines visuals with audio and some on screen text. This combination appeals to different types of learners and helps reinforce the message. However, sometimes when we're conveying information, it's easy to slip into a PowerPoint style delivery with lots of bullet points. 

Animation gives you the freedom to get really creative with your visuals so where possible keep those bullet points away and use imagery to tell your story. Remember, visual metaphors can be really great for this and there's a whole section dedicated to them in the VideoScribe image library.

Tip 4: Keep it short and sweet

Lastly, we all know our attention spans are shortening. So focus on quality over quantity with a short snappy animation. Depending on where you're using your video and the subject this could mean anything from 15 seconds to 10 minutes. So keep context in mind and check out the best practice for video lengths on different platforms. 

You can find our advice on creating videos for social media here or tips on sharing your video on your website

How did your video score? Let us know!

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