Celebrating Pride month: Our 7 favorite videos from brands celebrating love and equality

Posted by Ashden Walker on November 9, 2021
Ashden Walker

You might’ve noticed that we’ve embraced the rainbow by giving our VideoScribe logo the Pride flag makeover! And even though we’re already halfway through Pride month, the celebrations aren't slowing. Pride month takes place every June and is dedicated to celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. Normally, we’d all be outside attending colorful parades, concerts, and marches but the COVID-19 pandemic has changed things. So instead, we’ve pulled together our favorite 7 videos from brands celebrating Pride month from afar.

Before we get into our favorite Pride videos, watch our history lesson of the Stonewall riots - the reason why Pride month takes place in June - to understand how these protests changed LGBTQ+ rights for a lot of people in the US and beyond, and the significance of Pride month:

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Pride is about people around the world joining together to celebrate how far LGBTQ+ rights have come (even if there’s still work to do), educating and raising the awareness of Pride history and issues facing the community, and continuing the movement with LGBTQ+ equality. Our Chief Marketing Officer, Leigh Redman, describes Pride as:

“...a celebration of the beautiful diversity of humanity and LGBTQ+ people in particular. It is about reinforcing equal rights for all people. In some parts of the world, we’re privileged to have the ability to live freely and openly as queer-identifying people. To me, Pride means using that privilege to empower those whose voices aren’t heard as loudly and ensure that people of all genders and orientations feel that they can celebrate who they are without fear. Feeling safe helps ensure intersectional discussions in everything we do, both personally and professionally. At Sparkol, our mission is that everyone, everywhere, should be able to tell their story with our products - and we take the time this June to support our LGBTQ+ colleagues and users.”

And we couldn't agree with Leigh more!

This was such a hard choice deciding on our 7 favorite Pride videos because so much powerful content has been created by so many global brands: Versace, Nike, Starbucks, IKEA… but we did it. Here are our 7 faves in no particular order:

1. Skittles

You might’ve seen the Skittles Pride Packs hit the shelves last year, ditching their iconic red packaging for bold packets designed by four LGBTQ+ artists. 

Pride month Skittles

This year, Skittles have gone completely colorless with their packaging AND candy, saying ‘only #OneRainbow matters’. With every Pride Pack sold, Skittles are donating $1 to glaad. Their video is only 10 seconds long but in that time, they perfectly show what they’re doing, and how they’re using their brand to support the LGBTQ+ community. BRB, just popping to the shops for some Skittles...


2. Converse

This year, Converse's annual Pride collection is inspired by the More Color, More Pride flag which was first concepted and popularized by the social justice advocate, Amber Hikes. Looking through their collection, your eyes are instantly mesmerized by color in the rainbows, stripes, sequins, and shapes. Their shoe collection is amazing, but their video is even better:

The video brilliantly features 8 people talking about what Pride, and color, means to them. It’s real, it’s positive (and it makes you want to rock those Converse sneakers)! We’ll say it again: More Color, More Pride.

3. Instagram

For Pride month 2020, Instagram has rolled out new features: the rainbow-colored hashtag for Pride-related tags, new stickers to add to your stories, and some show-stopping Pride-themed visuals.

Pride month Instagram

But the highlight of their Pride messaging is the collaboration with the Trevor Project - the leading national organization for providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ+ youth. Instagram’s ‘10 Self-Care Tips for Pride Month’ is a 10-part Highlights video, with each story showcasing a tip and ways that anyone can take care of their mental health. We love it. #ShareWithPride

Pride month Instagram self-care tips

4. MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics is one of the top three makeup brands, worldwide. These guys have a HUGE social following with their global MAC Cosmetics Instagram account having 23.6M followers alone - that’s not including any of their other social accounts or even their regional Instagram accounts, like MAC Cosmetics UK, Australia, Germany, Russia... the list goes on.

Since birth in 1984, MAC Cosmetics has been an inclusive brand and this year, they’re celebrating Pride virtually (like many of us). Their regional MAC Cosmetics Brasil account has an Orgulho (Portuguese for Pride) Highlights story that features 5 LGBTQ+ people ‘Shining with Pride’ (in Portuguese: Brilhe Com Orgulho), glammed up and gorgeous in MAC's cosmetics and sharing their Pride stories.

Pride month Instagram MacCosmetics

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging Brazil right now, their people are still sharing their Pride stories! #MACLovesPride

5. Disney

Disney has revealed its 2020 Pride month collection and it’s a perfect storm of rainbow and glitter. Have you been dreaming about sequined Mickey or Minnie Mouse ears with a rainbow bow? Well, your dreams have been answered! 

Pride month Disney rainbow collection

But one of the best things to come out of this Pride collection is their $100,000 USD donation to GLSEN - a leading education organization, working to create safe and inclusive K-12 schools for LGBTQ+ students. They’ve also launched their Disney Pride playlist, available to listeners on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and so much more. Grab your headphones and have a listen!

6. Apple

Apple is one of the most iconic brands worldwide and one of the few major companies with an openly gay CEO. Nearly every single person on earth has heard of the iPhone which shows just how influential this brand is.

Since the launch of the Apple Watch, Apple has made a public and visible commitment to diversity with new Watch band designs, and Pride month has always been a star. Historically for Pride month, they’ve only ever released one Watch band but this year, we’ve been blessed with two: the Pride Edition Sport Band and Nike Pride Edition Sport Band. 

So obviously that video wasn’t created by Apple. BUT, we love how Nikias highlights every little ounce of support that Apple has included - down to the detail on their packaging. I mean, the rainbow-colored statement on the Nike Watch band box 😍

Pride Month Apple watch band

7. Google

Every year, Google celebrates Pride month in some of the most vibrant ways and 2020 is no different. As part of a broader initiative in support of LGBTQ+ people, Google has put their Pride flavor in its Wallpapers app, on Pride-related search results, and even in Google Sheets!

Pride month google

Under ‘Our Stories’, Google highlights the challenges LGBTQ+ youth face with our ‘new normal’. That is the physical distancing and restricted movement due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In their Pride 2020 piece, they also discuss how they’re working with the Trevor Project (just like Instagram 💖) to build awareness of their online community for LGBTQ+ people between 13 and 24 years of age.

You can read their full Pride 2020 story here. “Pride = community and collaboration”. Yes, Google! We see you and we love everything that you are doing.

We cannot get enough of how Pride reminds everyone to always be proud of who you are, no matter who you love! 

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