Celebrate Juneteenth with eye-catching animated videos

Posted by Naomi Linford on June 17, 2020
Naomi Linford

On Friday, June 19th communities around the United States will be celebrating Juneteenth and to help you get involved with this important holiday, we've created two brand new video templates.

Juneteenth marks the day in 1865 when federal troops arrived in Galveston, Texas to ensure all enslaved people were freed. This brought an end to slavery in the United States two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, and has been celebrated ever since.

To mark this holiday and support the Black Lives Matter movement, at Sparkol we'll be donating 25% of the revenue from new and upgraded VideoScribe subscriptions across the Juneteenth period to the
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). You can learn more about their work to end police brutality and demand racial justice here

So lets look at the templates 👇You can find both of them in the VideoScribe template library with a paid membership or on a free trial. Simply open VideoScribe and click the button on the left-hand side that says 'Template Scribes'. Click to open each template and make it your own. 

Juneteenth Greetings Video Template

The simple but striking design of this first template grabs your attention and draws you in. Which makes it perfect to share with educational content on social media, as part of your celebratory emails or with friends and family.

As with all of our templates, the design is fully customizable so you can make this your own. Consider adding your messages, thoughts or stories to our text. Or even extend the animation to share more information about Juneteenth and why it's such an important holiday.

Juneteenth Celebration Video Template

This second template is designed to help you share how you'll be celebrating Juneteenth. Whether you're heading to a local event, donating to a nonprofit or taking time to learn more about the history of this holiday, use video to join the conversation.

Simply edit the text and switch up the background colors to give this animation your own touch. 

We hope that however you're celebrating Juneteenth this year, you have a great day! You can find both of these templates and more in the VideoScribe library. Simply log in or start a free trial to use them today.

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