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Posted by Ashden Walker on November 24, 2021
Ashden Walker

Can you believe Christmas is only 50 sleeps away? Which means 2021 is only 56 days away! But before we get into everything December can offer us, we’ve got November to capitalize on with three huge retail events: Chinese Singles Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. These three retail events combined bring huge opportunities for businesses to generate more sales revenue. Kicking off on November 11th is Chinese Singles Day, followed by Black Friday on November 27th and then Cyber Monday finishes everything off on November 30th. So, what are our tips? Read on to find out!

TL; DR? Create sale teasers, promotional videos, email the content out to your database, advertise your videos on social media, and engage affiliates to do some promotion for you too! 

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Create a sale teaser video

This is a great way of engaging your audiences and letting them know that a sale is coming. It builds excitement, anticipation, and “buzz” for your business (and can live on YouTube, your website, and your social channels). 

GymShark has done this in such a brilliant way for cyber week sales. Using their social channels, they’ve created a sale teaser video but don’t ever actually reveal when the sale will take place. All we know is, a sale is coming… This approach generates two benefits: hype for the sale, and more followers subscribing to alerts on when the sale will take place. 


Create promotional content

Leverage the hype of Chinese Singles Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday by making them the hero of your promotional videos. Rather than just highlighting your sale items or discounts, use audio, visuals, and text to connect your sale to the retail event. 

Take for example one of Amazon’s latest videos for Black Friday. The actor in this video is scrolling through the Amazon mobile app which displays ‘Early Black Friday Deals’. In the first 2 seconds, we’re shown that there’s a sale that can be explored through their mobile app. This video doesn’t directly promote the products they sell, but rather the convenience of buying discounted products through their mobile app, in the comfort of your home. 

[the original video has been taken down by the promoter. We have substituted in an alternative Amazon promotional video]

Social media advertising

Creating videos specific for social media advertising is a no-brainer if you want to reach prospective customers for your Chinese Singles Day, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday campaigns. This type of advertising allows you to target new potential customers by age, geographic location, interests, gender, mobile device, whether they’ve been to your website before and so much more!

Video allows you to showcase a range of different products, as well as catching the attention of the viewer with color, sound, and movement. For Chinese Singles Day, the Chinese online retailer, AliExpress, created this video for Facebook. It clearly shows the sale date for Chinese Singles Day almost everywhere! It’s glued to the bottom of the video, the rabbit wears a cap with the date, and the closing frame is AliExpress and 11.11 clearly marked. 

[the original video has been taken down by the promoter. We have substituted in an alternative AliExpress promotional video]

Email videos to your subscriber base

Unlike advertising, emailing your subscriber base is a low/no-cost way to reach your engaged audiences. One thing to note though, most email providers don’t actually support video embedding directly into an email. However, that doesn’t stop us... We have a sneaky workaround and here's our secret! Embed an animated GIF into your video to give your subscribers a feel for your video content, and then link it out to a landing page that showcases the full video piece.

This is something we do regularly at VideoScribe. In fact, we’ve written another blog piece on how you can transform your video into an animated GIF. Fossil, the American fashion retailer, has done exactly that in their Black Friday email. Check it out:

animated GIF Fossil sale email Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Engage affiliates to promote your business

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to expand the exposure of your Chinese Singles Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday campaigns and promotions. An affiliate basically works to get traffic to your website and, for every successfully referred purchase, they’ll earn a percentage commission from that sale. 

Leveraging content affiliates - especially those who produce video content - is a fantastic way to highlight your promotions. For example, Savvy Coupon Shopper is a YouTuber who has produced a Target Black Friday Ad 2020 video which looks at the Target catalog. In this video, they highlight the savings on certain items which to the average viewer, might look genuine and not incentivized. However, if you scroll to the bottom of the description for the video, Savvy Coupon Shopper has a disclaimer saying, “I use affiliate links for things that I use and love! This means that I may receive a small commission from those links”. 


So there you have it! Our tips to capitalize on Chinese Singles Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Don't forget, you can create any and all of these video styles with VideoScribe. Join our growing community of over 2m users in over 180 countries worldwide by signing up for a free trial today!

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